Internationalisation at the Management School

Internationalisation is critical to our mission of “Learning to make a difference from an enterprising and vibrant world city of culture”. We are advancing this mission through our vision to be a globally connected Management School whose transformative research and teaching places us at the forefront of influential knowledge leadership. 

Students benefit from an international learning context and experience that fully supports their educational, career and employment prospects and their ability to make a difference in the world; staff are enabled to develop world-class research and scholarship through international collaborations and partnerships; the University and wider society benefit from ULMS contribution to promoting values of openness, understanding, mobility and learning through management education.


Visiting scholars

We're keen to encourage outstanding researchers from around the world to spend time working with us.

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International research

Maximising the impact of our research, and meeting the highest standards of reach and significance, locally and globally.

Study Abroad

Study abroad

Study Abroad offers the chance to spend time studying at a partner institution in another country.


Incoming students

Students can enhance their studies by spending a semester, or a full year at Liverpool.

International Students

International students

The School has a diverse cohort of International students.

International Partners

International partners

We have have well-established international partners across the globe.