Executive DBA

Our Executive Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) is an action-research based postgraduate programme, designed for senior professionals who want to drive transformational impact within their organisations, and become thought leaders in their professional area.

Format: part-time

Delivery: hybrid

Starting in: September 2023

Duration: 4.5-7.5 years

At an individual level, the Executive DBA is a professional doctorate for business leaders, which means it provides access to the highest level of academic qualification.

At a company level, the programme equips senior managers with high-level analytical and problem-solving skills to drive transformational change within their organisations.

This is a hybrid part-time learning programme, combining online modules with on-campus residencies during the first two years, to allow working professionals to study while fulfilling their job obligations.

The Executive DBA expands the traditional support from an expert supervisor, with Doctoral Development Plan modules aimed strengthening the students' research capabilities, so they are able to deploy these skills during their thesis workplan and after graduation.

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The research skills your business needs to realise transformational impact

The Executive DBA places emphasis on highly relevant, workplace-based research, by producing truly actionable knowledge in the context of your organisation.

Why EDBA? Executive DBA Benefits

Why Executive DBA?

Discover the benefits of the Executive DBA programme for working professionals and their organisations.

Structure Executive DBA Structure

Programme structure

The Executive DBA is a hybrid learning part-time programme for business leaders. Find out more about the course is structured to suit the needs of working professionals.