MSc student stories

Hear from students across the suite of master's programmes.

Yukta Wadhwani (MSc Accounting and Finance) Yukta Wadhwani

MSc Accounting and Finance: Yukta Wadhwani

"Overall, pursuing a master's degree can be a challenging but tremendously rewarding experience. By carefully researching your options and being prepared, you can make the most of the opportunity and set yourself up for success in your future career."

Ramsha Bukhari (MSc Advanced Marketing) Ramsha Bukhari

MSc Advanced Marketing: Ramsha Bukhari

"The best thing about my programme is that it not only provides a comprehensive education in marketing but also strongly emphasises sustainability, inclusivity, and innovation... Additionally, the programme aims to equip me with critical analysis, creative thinking, and contemporary marketing theory skills, which will help me become a better leader in the industry."

Nandhini Balan (MSc Business Analytics and Big Data) Nandhini Balan

MSc Business Analytics and Big Data: Nandhini Balan

"As an international student, I consider it a privilege and a fantastic opportunity to study at a triple-accredited Russell Group university. This is one of the main reasons I chose the University of Liverpool Management School, and it has never let me down. Additionally, I did my research before selecting the university regarding the professors teaching my course, and I was impressed by their expertise."

Sravanthi Gonti (Msc Digital Marketing and Analytics) Sravanthi Gonti

MSc Digital Marketing and Analytics: Sravanthi Gonti

"My advice would be to enjoy and learn new things each and every day. Try to be part of every event which helps you to grow many skills which would be helpful for your career progression. Utilize all the services available."

Lucy Peel (MSc Economics) Lucy Peel

MSc Economics: Lucy Peel

"The programme has a wonderful blend of modules and can really be tailored depending on different students’ career or research aspirations. I have enjoyed selecting modules to develop a broad toolkit as an economist, and it is clear that the content of each module has been thoroughly developed and selected by the staff."

Yapeng Hu (MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management) Yapeng Hu

MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management: Yapeng Hu

"University of Liverpool Management School is a famous globally connected school where I can study in an international environment... Liverpool is an incredible city for me the people are nice and passionate about life."

Holly Exton (MSc Finance) Holly Exton

MSc Finance: Holly Exton

"I chose Liverpool because I fell in love with the city. There’s always so much to do, so many things happening, and lots to learn about the city. The university is also part of The Russell Group, which always looks good for future career prospects."

Apoorva Halbhavi (MSc Finance and Investment Management) Apoorva Halbhavi

MSc Finance and Investment Management: Apoorva Halbhavi

"The careers team have organised amazing seminars over the year that have helped me better understand the job market in the UK, what steps I should be taking during the job hunt, how my visa affects me and what are the prospects available. Attending these seminars has clarified so much ambiguity and made the path ahead of me clearer."

Nayanthara Raveendranadha Kurup (MSc Financial Technology) Nayanthara Raveendranadha Kurup

MSc Financial Technology: Nayanthara Raveendranadha Kurup

"The programme offers the perfect blend of technology and finance, equipping students with a unique skill set in high demand. It covers the latest fintech innovations, their impact on the financial sector, and the skills needed to analyse and solve real-world financial problems. This combination of technical and financial expertise makes graduates highly sought after by financial institutions and technology companies."

Krishnanjana Jayachandran (MSc Human Resource Management) Krishnanjana Jayachandran

MSc Human Resource Management: Krishnanjana Jayachandran

"Many of the career events and guest lectures have introduced me to the requirements and expectations of recruiting companies. The first hand practical experience gained through academic assignments is invaluable. CIPD level 7 which is awarded after successful completion of this course would definitely elevate the career of any aspiring HR professional."

Amrutha Amulya Kuchimanchi (MSc International Business) Amrutha Amulya Kuchimanchi

MSc International Business: Amrutha Amulya Kuchimanchi

"With Triple Crown Accreditation and a precisely designed course curriculum, I am sure this programme is going to enhance my capabilities and prepare me to secure a prime job in a highly competitive market."

Om Karande (Master in Management) Om Karande

Master in Management: Om Karande

"I believe undertaking a master's degree at the University of Liverpool will greatly enhance my career prospects. The programme provides me with a deeper knowledge and practical skills, which will help me succeed in my field and make a positive impact in the industry. It also offers networking opportunities with peers and professionals, building valuable relationships and expanding my professional network."

Merin Sojan (MSc Marketing) Merin Sojan

MSc Marketing: Merin Sojan

"I feel like a master's study will enhance my career prospects significantly. By gaining specialised knowledge and advanced skills, I can become a competitive candidate for better job opportunities and career advancement. Also, you get to network with so many people in the same field or that are interested in getting into the same field."

Mia Gill (MSc Occupational and Organisational Psychology) Mia Gill

MSc Occupational and Organisational Psychology: Mia Gill

"What I most enjoy about my course is that we are given lots of opportunities to make connections with real-world, practicing psychologists. We have had different guest speakers who spoke to us about what they do and opportunities in their fields, which has been hugely valuable as it’s such a great way to network and get exposure to different career paths."

Sheikh Ahmed (MSc Operations and Supply Chain Management) Sheikh Ahmed

MSc Operations and Supply Chain Management: Sheikh Ahmed

"This degree also gives me insight into the world of major leadership roles and how to emerge as a leader within any role that I pursue. The programme allows me to follow routines, enhance my prioritization skills and bolster my technical skills at the same time."

Chioma Wilson-Dike (MSc Project Management) Chioma Wilson-Dike

MSc Project Management: Chioma Wilson-Dike

"I think that the most enjoyable thing about studying here is the people and the activities that bring us together. Every week, there are numerous extracurricular activities organised by the ULMS, the Guild or student societies. These activities range from social to academic activities."

Alex Hives (MSc Sports Business and Management) Alex Hives

MSc Sports Business and Management: Alex Hives

"I have had a year of cultivating friendships I know will last for the rest of my life. Combining that with the incredible opportunities that the Sports Business and Management MSc gives us, I know I’ll look back on this year as the best decision I ever made."