Yapeng Hu

Yapeng Hu

"University of Liverpool Management School is a famous globally connected school where I can study in an international environment... Liverpool is an incredible city for me the people are nice and passionate about life."

What course are you currently studying?

MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

Why did you choose to study a master’s at the University of Liverpool Management School?

Firstly, University of Liverpool Management School is a famous globally connected school where I can study in an international environment. Also, ULMS have my favourite programme, the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management. Finally, Liverpool is an incredible city for me. The people are nice and passionate about life.

What’s the best thing about studying your programme?

I have wonderful classmates and seminar teams. In each course, I can collaborate with different peers and learn their insights and advantages.  I really enjoy this process and I am learning so much new knowledge.

How do the facilities in the University and the Management School help you with your studies?

I use the library to study and online library and data base to research papers. They are really helpful in my study life.

What kind of support do you get from academic staff and tutors?

The lectures and seminars are the main part of teaching, I like every lecturer whose taught me, all of them are kind and patient to students. Before the assessments, I can have a tutorial with my lecturer to help me find out the right direction about my assessment.

Have you accessed any of the support services available to you, such as the School’s postgraduate careers team? If so, how did you find the service?

Yes, I joined the language lounge to practice my oral English, I have face – to – face conversations with a local students. I have also received help from the careers team and joined several career meetings to help me understand my future career development.

What do you enjoy most about the whole experience (thinking about any trips, social and extracurricular activities or guest speakers) and what value has that added?

I’m excited to use the well equipped campus every day.  I live a full life in Liverpool with my friends and join in on any social activities.

How do you believe undertaking master’s study will help your career prospects?

For me, the most significant things are that I am meeting different people, experiencing the various culture around me, and living a different life. These makes me more international and flexible.

What advice would you give to anybody considering master’s study?

Work hard, play hard and focus on your own life.

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