Recent publications

Recent publications from the Centre include:

Buraimo, B., Forrest, D., McHale, I. G., & Tena, J. D. (2021). ARMCHAIR FANS: MODELLING AUDIENCE SIZE FOR TELEVISED FOOTBALL MATCHES. European Journal of Operational Research.

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Guan, J., & Tena, J. D. (2021). Estimating the effect of physical exercise on juveniles’ health status and subjective well-being in China. Applied Economics, 1-12.

Guan, J., & Tena, J. D. (2021). Does Sport Affect Health and Well-Being or Is It the Other Way Around? A Note on Reverse-Causality in Empirical Applications. JOURNAL OF SPORTS ECONOMICS, 22(2), 218-226.

Saastamoinen, J., Suhonen, N., Kainulainen, T., & Forrest, D. (2020). Does the Offline Environment Matter in Online Horse Race Betting Engagement?. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SPORT FINANCE, 15(4), 166-176.

Forrest, D., McHale, I., Tena Horrillo, J. D. & Buraimo, B. (2020). UNSCRIPTED DRAMA: SOCCER AUDIENCE RESPONSE TO SUSPENSE, SURPRISE AND SHOCK. Economic Inquiry, 58(2), 881-896.

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Forrest, D., & McHale, I. G. (2019). Using statistics to detect match fixing in sport. IMA JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT MATHEMATICS.

Forrest, D. K., Baker, R., & Perez, L. (2019). Modelling demand for lotto using a novel method of correcting for endogeneity. Economic Modelling.

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Asif, M., & McHale, I. G. (2019). A generalized non-linear forecasting model for limited overs international cricket. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FORECASTING.

Bond, A. J., Widdop, P., & Parnell, D. (2019). Topological network properties of the European football loan system. European Sport Management Quarterly.

Widdop, P., Chadwick, S., & Parnell, D. (2019). Special issue: Football and its Shifting Global Powerbase. Guest editorial. Sports, Business and Management.

Parnell, D., Widdop, P., Groom, R., & Bond, A. (2019). The emergence of the sporting director role in football and the potential of social network theory in future research. Managing Sport and Leisure.

Suhonen, N., Saastamoinen, J., Kainulainen, T., & Forrest, D. (2018). Is timing everything in horse betting? Bet amount, timing and bettors' returns in pari-mutuel wagering markets. ECONOMICS LETTERS.

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Detotto, Claudio, Paolini, DImitri and Tena, J. D (2018) Do managerial skills matter? An analysis of the impact of managerial features on performance for Italian footballJournal of the Operational Research Society, 69 (2). 270-282.

Tena Horrillo, J, Forrest, DK, Corona, Francisco and Wiper, Mike (2018) Bayesian forecasting of UEFA Champions League under alternative seeding regimesInternational Journal of Forecasting.

Forrest, D., McHale, I. G., Sanz, I., & Tena, J. D. (2017) An analysis of country medal shares in individual sports at the Olympics. EUROPEAN SPORT MANAGEMENT QUARTERLY, 17 (2), 117-131.

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