Student stories

Our students come from a range of sectors, industries, backgrounds, countries and cultures. Their unique experiences can help you to develop an understanding of business on a global scale.

Mahmoud Bouguermouh: Algeria Mahmoud Bouguermouh

Mahmoud Bouguermouh: Algeria

FIMBA is the one and only MBA with a focus on football, worldwide. It provides the who’s who of football industry professionals and lecturers. Giving you the chance to be part of the strongest and most diverse football network.

Faye Carruthers: UK Faye Carruthers

Faye Carruthers: UK

Faye is currently working full-time as a broadcaster. She is a sports presenter and reporter for talkSPORT, Sky Sports, and IMG working for clients including the Premier League and UEFA

Mohammad Zaman Rafiei

Zaman Rafiei: Afghanistan

With a Bachelor of Business Administration and 20 years work experience at an international organisation, Zaman relocated to the UK from Afghanistan during the turbulent events of August 2021. He was inspired to further his education by pursuing an MBA.

Katie Loeffelholz: USA Katie Loeffelholz

Katie Loeffelholz: USA

Before the Football Industries MBA, Katie was working in the Player Marketing team at Major League Baseball in New York City.

Jose Conca Jose Conca: Chile

Jose Conca: Chile

'Stepping out of your comfort zone to seek new challenges keeps you engaged'. Before his Football Industries MBA, Jose's experiences as a Product Owner at a bank and Data Scientist, have equipped him with an analytical mindset that he's eager to apply to the football industry.

Ben Armstrong: UK Ben Armstrong

Ben Armstrong: UK

Being a business owner is great, but I am now looking for some new challenges. I think business ownership is a fantastic career and I would like to come back to it but I am ready for something else.

Michael Martinez

Michael Martinez: USA

Michael works in the hospitality industry and has pursued an MBA because he wanted to improve his business skills to in order expand his family’s business and become more well-rounded.

Vaibhav Varshney: India Vaibhav Varshney MBA student

Vaibhav Varshney: India

"Continuous learning is an integral part of life, vital for growth and development." Prior to joining the Liverpool MBA programme, Vaibhav worked in the IT industry for five years. He chose the MBA programme to help achieve his ambition of moving into a management role.

Sarah Faiz: UK Sarah Faiz

Sarah Faiz: UK

"The most rewarding element of the course is definitely the teachers we have...The alumni of the course are also very impressive and always willing to lend a hand when needed."

Yusuf Molade Yusuf Molade

Yusuf Molade: UK

Before starting his MBA, Yusuf was a qualified Chartered Tax Adviser providing advice to large organisations regarding the VAT aspects of their business.