Who studies an MBA

Students join our MBA programmes to achieve a number of professional goals. Typically they will have a minimum of 3 years of relevant management experience and want to raise their skill levels.

Students may be planning to:

  • Start a new business
  • Move into a more senior strategic role
  • Improve the performance of their current company
  • Change the function, sector or country they work in

Read to find out what studying an MBA is like and how Liverpool changed them.

Our MBA Students - 2017/18 cohort


Average Age MBA

Average age of MBA students.

Part-time MBA

Are part-time students.

International MBA studentsAre international students from countires including USA, Singapore, Egypt, India, China, Brazil, Uganda, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Honduras, Liberia, South Africa, Russia, Thailand, Libya, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Japan, Qatar.

UK MBA students
Are from the UK.

Are from the EU.

MBA RolesStudents are account directors, business owners, CEOs, controls analyst, legal advisors, marketing & communications managers, project managers, senior account executives, senior IT consultants, senior managers and tax consultants.

MBA IndustriesStudents work in analytics, beauty, contracting, cookware, education, finance, fitness, hospitality, investment firms, manufacturing, medicine, military, oil industry, property, racing, retail, shipping, trading, transport.


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