Who studies an MBA

Students may be planning to:

  • Start a new business
  • Move into a more senior strategic role
  • Improve the performance of their current company
  • Change the function, sector or country they work in.

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Our MBA Students - 2022/23 cohort

MBA Cohort Data 2023

Is the average age of MBA students

MBA Cohort Data 2023

Are international students

From countries including Afghanistan, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Chile, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Taiwan, USA and Yemen.

MBA Cohort Data 2023

Are from the UK

MBA Cohort Data 2023

Previous roles prior to starting their MBA

Senior Analyst, Sports Consultant, Project Manager, Operations Manager, Brand Manager, Senior Software Engineer, Technology Manager, Senior Business Development Manager, Strategic Account Manager, Finance Consultant, Sales Manager, Financial Analyst, and Chief Executive Officer

MBA Cohort Data 2023

From areas including

Management consultants, Sports including football, Finance services, Technology, Transport, Education, Manufacturing, Production, Law, Creative industries, and Logistics