Krishnanjana Jayachandran

Krishnanjana Jayachandran

"Many of the career events and guest lectures have introduced me to the requirements and expectations of recruiting companies. The first hand practical experience gained through academic assignments is invaluable. CIPD level 7 which is awarded after successful completion of this course would definitely elevate the career of any aspiring HR professional."

What course are you currently studying?

I am pursuing my MSc in Human Resource Management

Why did you choose to study a master’s at the University of Liverpool Management School?

The excellent track record of offering high-quality education was the first thing which attracted me to the University of Liverpool. The exposure I would get as a student and the career prospects were added advantages to choosing the Management school. Liverpool is a lively and student-friendly city with a beautiful campus. I could also stay with my family and commute to classes as the city is well-connected with all major cities.

What’s the best thing about studying your programme?

The CIPD Level 7 certification which you would get after successful completion of the course is the best thing about the programme. This would open a whole new range of career opportunities for those who want to have a successful career in the field of HR.

How do the facilities in the University and the Management School help you with your studies?

The 24-hour library with its study rooms, study spaces and a vast collection of books suits all students, irrespective of their learning styles. The online student resources are well-suited to aid academic assignments and help career development. We also have so many options for snacks and food all around the campus, including in the management school and library.

What kind of support do you get from academic staff and tutors?

Academic staff and tutors are tremendously supportive. They are available, be it any time of the day to answer queries via email or in person. All of them are approachable and always there to guide students making their lives much easier. Feedback and suggestions are taken seriously and incorporated into academic sessions. They are ready to accommodate the needs and expectations of students. Above all, matters of academic excellence and professional development are given the utmost significance by the wonderful faculty.

Have you accessed any of the support services available to you, such as the School’s postgraduate careers team? If so, how did you find the service?

I have used many of the available support services and found them extremely beneficial.  The career service offered to students through the Career studio and ULMS MSc career support are valuable. Drop-in sessions and one-to-one appointments can be useful to clarify doubts- both general and personal. The “Handshake” portal is effective in getting insight into career opportunities in the UK.

The International Advice and Guidance team has been of immense help when I had questions regarding my Visa. Such a support service is critical for all international students. They were really patient in understanding my situation and in giving me a solution best suited for the situation.

“Know how” services by the library are well-crafted to help students through their academic journey. English language help offered is also helpful, especially for those new to the system and for non-native English speakers.

What do you enjoy most about the whole experience (thinking about any trips, social and extracurricular activities or guest speakers) and what value has that added?

The University of Liverpool has offered me an experience like never before. Every day is a fun-filled, colourful and challenging experience. There are several societies which you can be a part of, depending on your passion and hobbies. There are several fairs and events throughout the year which are of personal and professional benefits. Festivals and cultures from all around the world are celebrated here, making student life even more colourful. This gives a whole new perspective on the world. Guest lectures by experts would give you insights into those topics in which you are interested.  Ultimately, I feel all of these contribute immensely to building up a successful career and life.

How do you believe undertaking master’s study will help your career prospects?

During the course, the application of theoretical knowledge could be used for enhancing future career endeavours. Many of the career events and guest lectures have introduced me to the requirements and expectations of recruiting companies. The first-hand practical experience gained through academic assignments is invaluable.  CIPD level 7 which is awarded after successful completion of this course would definitely elevate the career of any aspiring HR professional.

What advice would you give to anybody considering master’s study?

Full-time MSc Human Resource Management is an intense course and is designed carefully to suit professional requirements. This is best suited for those who want to advance in the field of HR Management. A basic idea of human resource management along with the passion and willingness to learn about the subject will indeed enhance the experience. Being a Russell Group university, the standard and quality of education provided are high. Enjoy the process and get fully involved in all the activities- both academic and cocurricular – to make the most out of your time here at the university.

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