Photo of Professor Anatoli Colicev

Professor Anatoli Colicev

Chair in Marketing, Strategy and Analytics Marketing (ULMS)


    Personal Statement

    I am driven by my passions, by the research puzzles and quite often by people around me. I am a quantitative modeler with a PhD in Decision Sciences and Statistics and I work with a wide range of methodologies and fields.

    My work has been published in journals in the fields of:
    1. Marketing (Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, International Journal of Research in Marketing (x3), Journal of Interactive Marketing, Service Science, Administrative Science).
    2. Management (Strategic Management Journal, Long Range Planning, Journal of Organizational Effectiveness)
    3. Operations Management (International Journal of Production Economics)

    My other collaborations include research teams from the fields of accounting, finance and economics.

    I work with empirical data and collaborate with companies such as Metro AG, YouGov Group and Equileap. In terms of methods, I am proficient in time-series econometrics, panel data methods and multilevel modeling.

    Broadly, the following selected topics fall within my interests:

    1. Marketing-Finance Interface: The role of marketing assets/investments/information for different types of investors (finance) and analysts (accounting)
    2. Social Media Marketing: The impact of social media content on consumer perceptions, brand equity, consumer mindsets and investors.
    3. NFTs, blockchain and Web3: Do NFTs bring value to brands? What is the role of blockchain in management and business research?
    -Link to the lates slides on NFTs and brands
    4. ESG: The role of ESG ratings, events and spillovers on stakeholders.
    5. Strategic Management: adressing societal issues, studying multi-project work across locations.