Chris Gale: UK

MSc Management Alumnus, 2011-12

Product Executive, Audi UK

I completed both my BA Honours Business Studies and Communication and my MSc Management at the Management School. I then joined the Volkswagen Group UK Limited on the 2 year graduate programme and am now a Product Executive working for Audi UK at our national headquarters in Milton Keynes. I develop and manage all sales and marketing activities of all products sold within the UK, which at the age of 25 is something I am very proud of. Working for such a large organisation with annual turnover over €1bn worldwide, I find myself using the skills and knowledge I learnt at the Management School every day. I regularly find myself referring back to my old module books and coursework when looking to incorporate basic strategic management and marketing frameworks into the programmes I run for the whole of the UK.

The last 2 years in industry have made me realise how highly regarded a masters degree is. Whether it’s just in conversation with peers, talking to senior members of the management team or even head hunters, my MSc always creates interest and stands out an impressive achievement to others. An MSc doesn’t just say you have completed another year at university, it proves to others that you can apply your business knowledge, analyse case studies and make strategic business decisions based on your findings at the highest level.

When I received my formal offer from the Management School to study MSc Management, I also qualified for the postgraduate progression award as I was already a graduate from the University of Liverpool. This reduced my tuition fee by 20%.

I look back at my time at university as the best time of my life. Throughout my MSc degree I had excellent personal tutors and mentors from the Management School which gave me the opportunity to learn on a one-to-one level and also ask for advice on both academic and personal issues. Although I love my job and am very proud of where I work, I look back regularly at my time at ULMS as when I developed and learnt the most about myself and what I wanted to achieve in the future. The Management School enabled me to take the knowledge I gained from my BA further and apply it to my own interests and career path. 

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