Edoardo Vittori: Italy

MSc Human Resource Management Alumnus 2013-2014

Supply Chain Operations, IBM

After graduating in my home town of Cagliari with a degree in International Relations, I moved to Montreal (Canada) where I worked as a web-editor intern for a magazine and as a language teacher for a private primary school. I was given the opportunity to get involved in several HR meetings and became intrigued by how the workforce was administered. Therefore, I developed a genuine interest in a further level of education aiming to project myself into a successful HR career.

Currently, I work as a Supply Chain Operations Professional in Bratislava for IBM, dealing with clients based in the UK and Ireland. This role requires excellent attention to detail while delivering complex and flexible service solutions for our customers. My final MSc project – which examined the issue of handling diverse workforce within international organisation scenarios – has been highly recognised at IBM. Through my studies, I have developed and further enriched my time management skills and my communicative/interpersonal skills. The MSc has helped to secure my current job role as it was a desired requirement to get to the interview stage.

I chose the vibrant and cosmopolitan Liverpool for my studies; a city of history and culture with charming docks and a stimulating musical scene. The quality of teaching of the MSc HRM was not only outstanding, but the modules accurately focused on interpersonal relations with simulations and business game roles.

In addition to this, the Career Office have provided me with diverse techniques and tailored suggestions in order to increase my chances to find the job I was interested in. The dedicated MSc careers advisor for the Management School has always been extremely helpful, passionate and accurate, providing a good array of techniques to better place students in the job market.


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