Shuai Li: China

MSc Finance Alumnus, 2015-16

Financial Analyst, Shanghai

Liverpool has a strong reputation in China, and as a football fan, it was an obvious choice for me to study my master’s here.

At postgraduate level, you are taught how to implement high-level theories, and feel confident in your abilities. The support given from staff was excellent, and there are opportunities to meet people from diverse backgrounds, and language courses to help you become more confident. Taking part in activities is not only important for the social benefits, but also for expanding your network and connections.

When I wasn’t in the library completing assignments, I spent time in the city to learn more about UK culture. I found the street-entertainers very unusual! I also spent time travelling around Europe to broaden my experience of other cultures, which helped me demonstrate my personality in job interviews.

My advice for international students is to embrace the opportunities at university, and start job applications early. Where possible, use the summer before you start your postgraduate course to start your research and do some experience, as it will develop your skills and also give you a clearer idea of what you want to do during and after your studies.