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Rekha Karna: Finance & Management MBA, 2009

"The ULMS MBA has not only equipped me with the soft skills that are required to be successful in the corporate world, but has provided  me with a strong foundation enabling  me to link theoretical concepts to practical application."

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Alex Phillips: Football Industries MBA, 1998

"My MBA was essential to my career progression, without it I would not have been able to switch career achieve what I have."

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Fiona Dowling: Thoroughbred Horseracing Industries MBA, 2019

"The MBA is demanding and hard work but I feel it’s given me a tremendous leg up in the industry and I would certainly recommend it to anyone passionate about horseracing wishing to progress."

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Mario de Rossi: Football Industries MBA, 2016

"FIMBA not only changed me as a person, but completely revolutionized my life. I wouldn’t be where I am now without FIMBA."

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Dr Steve Powell: Liverpool MBA, 2015

"The MBA programme allows you to have sufficient thinking time to give perspective to where you are and where you are heading to allow you to make that transition in a measured way."

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Manish Sankla: Liverpool MBA, 2012

"On completion of my MBA, I started working for a couple of venture capitalists from the UK and USA as an external strategy consultant."

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Kelly Davies: Football Industries MBA, 2007

"The MBA enabled me to study and continue my playing career full-time with Liverpool Ladies FC in the national women's premier league. I was also a full welsh international – and the combination of the two gave me great discipline to achieve key goals."

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Paul Cherpeau: Liverpool MBA, 2010

"There’s no doubt the qualification enabled me to progress in my business, enhanced my own confidence and self-esteem and provided genuine life lessons which have helped me get where I am now."

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Vanessa Cashmore: Thoroughbred Horseracing Industries MBA, 2017

"Not only has the programme enabled me to contribute to a greater degree within my organisation, it has also led to a more collaborative approach to my working practices"

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Le Nguyen: Liverpool MBA, 2014

"I chose the University based on my research on its reputation - I'll never regret my choice."

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Fabio Ritter: Football Industries MBA, 2010

"My goals were to improve my network, deepen my knowledge in the football industry and get an international experience."

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Chris Winn: Football Industries MBA, 2014

"Shortly after graduating, I joined Adidas in a senior risk management role, before joining the Deloitte Sports Business Group as a Sports Business Consultant a year later.  If I hadn't done FIMBA I wouldn't have been able to break into the industry, let alone get the 'dream job' I have now."

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Rahul Pushp: Liverpool MBA, 2012

"I researched MBA programmes at over 20 universities in the UK before settling on the Liverpool MBA. I fell in love with the University of Liverpool campus and the city. Speaking to alumni of the programme helped to confirm my decision."

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Adrian J. Peterson: Football Industries MBA, 2014

"The course is structured in such a way, that alongside teaching us the curriculum, it also delivers a Navigator programme, which is based on interactive sessions teaching us all the key skills required in the modern job market."

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Roberto R. Visconti: Liverpool MBA 2015

"I knew an MBA would help me achieve both my short-term and long-term career goals by providing me with the right skills, practical managerial and entrepreneurial experience that I was seeking."

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Debbie Grey, THIMBA 2019

Debbie Grey: Thoroughbred Horseracing Industries MBA, 2019

"I enjoyed further developing my people and process management skills. The interdisciplinary nature of the course gives you many transferable skills."

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Omar Khaled: Liverpool MBA 2015

"I knew an MBA would help me achieve both my short-term and long-term career goals by providing me with the right skills, practical managerial and entrepreneurial experience that I was seeking."

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Lorna Rogers: Liverpool MBA, 2015

"I met some wonderful people who inspired me and gave me the confidence to change my career. The course provided a good balance between academic theory and practical skills development and it has definitely changed me on a professional and personal level."

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Alberto Gutierrez: Football Industries MBA, 2010

"The structure of the lectures, gave me the chance to spend time with my family. Liverpool is a very friendly city, especially for a foreign family, so everything was perfect in helping me adapt to my studies and family life in Liverpool."

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Fernando Maisonnave: Football Industries MBA, 2013

"I undertook a placement at Liverpool FC from January to December 2013 and developed my work based project with the club...I was subsequently offered a job there."

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Garry Adamson: Football Industries MBA, 2004

"A key element of the course for me was the opportunity to make new contacts so the placement was crucial. I wanted to make sure my dissertation was focussed on a hot topic, something that would help me become attractive to a football club so I decided to ask!"

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Sam Bailey, Thoroughbred Horseracing Industries MBA, 2017

Sam Bailey: Thoroughbred Horseracing Industries MBA, 2017

"I’m really pleased that I’ve been able to use some of my key learning’s and also share these trends and findings with my wider team at The Jockey Club."

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Rafid Al Yasiri: Liverpool MBA, 2016

"The MBA has enabled me to think more strategically and equipped me with the knowledge to effectively manage limited resources to deliver high quality results."

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Louise Teesdale: Liverpool MBA, 2017

"The MBA allowed me to apply for a varied role outside of my previous "pigeon holed" engineering roles."

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Vaidehi Vaidya: Football Industries MBA, 2013

"It is the network, the contacts, the opportunities and the guidance that I received from the programme that enabled me to be where I am today."

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