Roberto R. Visconti

Liverpool MBA, 2015

Roberto worked as an account manager for a small accounting firm in Italy whilst he was finishing his master's in International Management at the University of Naples. 

‌Why did you decide to study an MBA? What were you hoping to achieve?

I thought that the MBA could give me a more practical approach to business strategy that I had missed from both my BA and MSc degrees in business. Also, it would help to boost my job opportunities outside of Italy, where I wanted to kick-off my managerial career.

What skills and knowledge do you feel you developed?

The MBA refined the entire set of soft skills. It helped me realise that soft skills, just like hard skills, need to be trained and are as important in business as the latter ones. Also, the excellent courses on business finance and strategy were full of case studies and real life examples that helped to fill any gaps I had in terms of knowledge of International business management.

Have you made use of the MBA alumni network?

I did, the MBA alumni were always available and gave us some good advice. Also, more generally, the UoL alumni network helped a lot.

Did you make use of the careers support available?

The careers advisor was just brilliant, the navigator course and the 1:1 meetings really helped me steer my career in the right direction.

What aspects of the programme did you most enjoy/find most useful?

Definitely the navigator sessions, which improved my public talking and networking skills. But also the Strategy and the Finance modules were extremely helpful from a business practice perspective. I also enjoyed electives such as Social Entrepreneurship, which ended with a beautiful summer school course in Krakow.

Where are you working now, what is your job title and what does your role entail?

I am Strategy Manager for a specialist logistics company called Suttons. My role is constantly evolving, and most recently I am coordinating project around new business intelligence related systems

Do you feel the MBA has helped your career progression?

The MBA has been crucial to my current career.

What knowledge and skills gained on the MBA programme do you use in your current role?

The ability to think strategically and focus always on the big picture. How to succeed in professional interactions in an international and multi-cultural environment. How to be persuasive and to influence people as well as leading by example.