Mario de Rossi

Football Industries MBA, 2016

Mario graduated from the Football Industries MBA (FIMBA) in 2016 with a distinction. Before his MBA, Mario was working as a criminal defense solicitor specialized in white collar crimes. He then decided to pursue his passion as a career by working as a sports lawyer for a year and a half before applying for FIMBA.

Why did you choose to study an MBA, and why Liverpool?

I chose to study FIMBA in particular because it is the original, and still the only, full MBA specialized in the football industry. I also enjoyed studying in Liverpool because I immediately felt at home.

What was the most rewarding element?

Networking is one of the greatest strengths of FIMBA and by far served as the most valuable to me. Most of FIMBA Alumni are currently working for leading companies and clubs in the football industry.

Did you complete a work based project or dissertation?

Yes, I completed a work based project for Athletic Club of Bilbao titled “Think global, act local. How can Athletic Club of Bilbao improve their CRM? Feasible marketing recommendations.” I proposed a segmented strategy to increase revenue, improve marketing and increase the supporters for the club.

What did you enjoy about living in Liverpool?

Liverpool is a great city in which I immediately felt at home. It was priceless to have the opportunity to watch games of two historic Premier League clubs. Furthermore, Liverpool hosts a a wide offering of cultural and sporting events.

Where are you working now, what is your job title and what does your role entail?

I’m currently the Founder and C.E.O. of MdR Sports Group, an agency specialized in football intermediation and representation of elite youth talents. My role entails coordinating the several scouts I have in Italy and across the globe as well developing my relationships with top agents and international football clubs.

What are your future career plans?

My aim is to make MdR Sports Group the #1 football agency in the world.

Do you feel the MBA has supported your career progression?

FIMBA not only changed me as a person, but completely revolutionized my life. I wouldn’t be where I am now without FIMBA.

What knowledge and skills gained on the MBA programme do you use in your current role?

During FIMBA I developed a wide variety of skills and knowledge in various areas of management including finance, marketing and strategy. In particular, the mock negotiation session in the Sports & Law module definitely prepared me for discussions with intermediaries and decision-makers at football clubs.

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