Le Nguyen

Liverpool MBA, 2014

During her MBA, Le worked on projects with leading multinational accounting and investment management organisations.

‌What were you doing before you began MBA study?

I came to Liverpool on the first day of October 2013 with mixed feelings of eagerness and worry. Leaving my job as a professional accountant in PwC Vietnam after 6 years and embarking on the Liverpool MBA was one of the bravest decisions of my life.

Why did you choose the Liverpool MBA?

I chose the University based on my research around it's reputation - I'll never regret my choice.

Did you undertake a work-based project?

I undertook a work-based project at BlackRock. During the job interview for my current role, the partner told me 'I believe the experience with BlackRock is one of the most challenging experiences you've got, tell me about it!'. Yes, she didn't ask what was my most challenging experience, but quickly picked up the BlackRock project on my CV and assumed it must have been the most worthy thing to talk about. We then interestingly discussed about the experience and I even shared with her my main findings from the research. I was then offered a job as an audit senior in financial services sector.

What do you feel to have been the most rewarding element of the course?

I was part of a very lovely cohort of MBA students who were from various backgrounds, and from all over the world! After 6 years of hard working and studying for a professional qualification, it was great to consolidate all of the strategy, marketing, economics, finance, and innovation knowledge in open discussion classes. Some modules even focussed on leadership, teamwork, analytical thinking and problem solving skills.

Different people may gain different knowledge and experience from the course, but for me, what benefitted me the most was the networking. I made lifetime friends in my peers and lecturers at the Management School.

My work-based project with Blackrock, as well as the work placement with BDO which I secured for the summer, were facilitated by the MBA Programme Director. These will provide valuable experience which will really help me to further my career in accountancy and finance.

What is your current role?

I am now a Senior Associate at PwC in Manchester.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of studying an MBA?

Someone told us from the very first days that the programme would fly by very quickly, and that we would meet friends and make memories for life. And yes, it can't be more true...