Research Projects

Research in the Management School is driven both by theory and making its mark on businesses, industries, policies and practice.  Here are selected examples of exemplary research projects which have been undertaken in the school.

Police Ethnography Research Collaboration - Observing Police at Work

Mike Rowe, Liz Turner, Geoff Pearson and Claire Davis are working on a long-term research project observing police officers at work. The central focus is on their use of discretion and of powers to arrest, stop and search or otherwise interact with citizens.


More about the Police Ethnography Research Collaboration


Hospices image

Assisting Hospices to deliver care when it is most needed

East Cheshire Hospice commissioned the University of Liverpool Management School to research which areas, if any, of the service they provided could be improved. The Hospice wanted to ensure that its service levels met the needs of their service users at a critical moment in their lives.


More about the Assisting Hospices Case Study


Index of Patent Systems Strength

The Index of Patent Systems Strength is an annual composite index that rates the effectiveness and efficiency of the patent systems of 49 countries.  The updated index is developed by Dr Nikolaos Papageorgiadis and Dr Konstantinos Alexiou based on the methodology by Papageorgiadis, Cross & Alexiou (2014) published at the Journal of World Business.

More about the Index of Patent Systems Strength

KCVS Project

Claire Moxham and Jo Meehan undertook a collaborative research project with Knowsley Community and Voluntary Services (KCVS) that explored social value in the context of the voluntary and community sector in Knowsley.


More about the KCVS project



A photo taken at the project's kick off meeting. Food supply chains

A multidisciplinary research group will look at the challenges facing sustainable food security and create a measurement model and tool set which will enable stakeholders to identify ways of developing successful sustainable solutions.

More about the Food supply chains project