Research with impact projects

The School’s international experts shape world-class academic thought and make a direct impact on a wide range of organisations and institutions. Here are some of the ongoing projects at the School. 

Procurement and service delivery policy development for the UK Ministry of Defence Professor Andy Lyons

Streamlining supply chain practices within the MoD

Professor Lyons led this knowledge exchange project for the Ministry of Defence to research procurement and supply chain practices.

Modern Slavery Dr Bruce Pinnington and Dr Jo Meehan

Modern slavery

Dr Jo Meehan and Dr Bruce Pinnington are leading a programme of research working with government agencies, organisations, and NGOs, to explore how supply chains are responding to new TISC legislation.

Assisting central banks in improving monetary policy decision making Oliver de Groot

Assisting central banks in improving monetary policy decision making

Professor Oliver de Groot, in collaboration with the economists at the European Central Bank (ECB), is developing novel methods and tools for studying the optimal mix of central bank policy instruments, suitable for informing policymakers with the aim of improving monetary policy decisions.

Satellite Imagery for Institutional Credit (two impact cases) Gopal Narayanamurthy

Satellite Imagery for institutional credit

Dr Narayanamurthy and his research team, in collaboration with SatSure, investigate how satellite imagery can be used to expand access to institutional credit for small and marginalized farmers in Indian agri-food supply chains.

Behavioural insights research transforms community infrastructure investment Yiquan Gu

Transforming community infrastructure investment

Dr Yiquan Gu's behavioural insights research has reformed three key policy areas on the financial and in-kind investments that accompany real estate development in England.

Juggling parenthood Dr Rachel Ashman, Dr Laura Radcliffe and Professor Caroline Gatrell

Juggling parenthood, employment and the work-life balance

Dr Ashman, Dr Radcliffe and Professor Gatrell’s research explores how employed parents and diverse families managed boundaries between paid work and family lives.

Organisational and operational innovations for sustained competitiveness and growth in SMEs Professor Andy Lyons

Sustaining SMEs competitiveness and growth through innovation

Professor Andy Lyons led a research group to develop a method to ensure that SMEs are able to adapt to a vast range of complex business contexts, with a focus on supply chains.

Gender diversity on the board of directors in Latin America Dr Jannine Poletti-Hughes

Breaking the Latin American glass ceiling

Dr Poletti-Hughes has identified that gender diversity has a positive impact on board effectiveness in Latin American companies.

The value of the social economy in a metropolitan city region Alan Southern

The value of the social economy in a metropolitan city region

Research by Dr Alan Southern on the value of the social economy in the Liverpool City Region (LCR), has led to new strategic initiatives supported by the Metro Mayor and Combined Authority.

Transgender Health and Welfare Dr Ian Burn

Transgender health and welfare

Research by Dr Ian Burn on how health and socioeconomic outcomes of patients evolve as they are treated for gender dysphoria.

Tackling Race inequality and Discrimination in the NHS Professor Lilian Otaye-Ebede

Tackling race inequality and discrimination in the NHS

The aim of Professor Lilian Otaye-Ebede’s project is to explore the lived experiences of Black and ethnic minority experiences with the aim to provide recommendations that could tackle race inequality in the NHS trust.

The Lived Experiences of People Bereaved by COVID-19 Professor Lynn Sudbury-Riley

The lived experiences of people bereaved by COVID-19

The aim of Professor Lynn Sudbury-Riley and Dr Benito Giordano’s work is to explore the experiences during the last few days of life for families of COVID-19 victims.

Delivering social value through public procurement Professor Jo Meehan and Dr Bruce Pinnington

Delivering social value through public procurement

Co-led by Professor Jo Meehan and Dr Bruce Pinnington, the aim of their research is to influence changes to nation Social Value policy and its associated procurement guidance issued to all public authorities.

Toilet dreams in India: Advancing a guard and contester framework of entrepreneurial strategies in grand challenges Dr Aparna Venugopal

Toilet dreams in India: entrepreneurial strategies

Dr Aparna Venugopal examines how entrepreneurs implement sanitation solutions in a complex, uncertain and evaluative context, namely India.

Revisiting Postal Sector Pricing Version 2 - 685x355px

Revisiting postal sector pricing

With the postal sector being of particular economic significance, Christian Bach and other authors have provided an analytical guideline for postal operators to revise their pricing strategies and to thereby improve their profitability as well as the viability of the Universal Service Obligations.

An innovation pathway for sustainable agri-food production under impacts of climate change Dr Dong Li

An innovation pathway for sustainable agri-food production under impacts of climate change

Due to the present challenge of increasingly salted water, the uncertainty in productivity, farmers engagement and product quality significantly affect the sustainability of the rice-shrimp farming, Dr Dong Li identifies an innovative pathway of sustainable practice in the circular economy production system.