Placements and internships

Hiring a student from the Management School is one of the best ways for recruiters to connect with our spirited and ambitious students.

Placements and interships offer a growing number of students the oportunity to work in an organisation before they graduate. Furthermore, there is a growing number of Management School students securing a role with their placement provider after graduation. Offering short term internships is a great way for your organisation to strategically plan recruitment of our brightest and business ready students. The importance of work based learning has never been greater.

Year in industry placements

The Management School offers all undergraduates the opportunity to work within industry for one year as part of their degree programme. A rigorous preparation process is undertaken with every student going on placement, and we offer a study module which includes mock interviews and work preparation activities. We also host an assessment centre simulation which you can find out more about below. Students will spend a minimum of 40 weeks on placement within an organisation during their third year of study. The placement is full-time, paid work, and can be offered in any location.

It provides your business with the opportunity to have a dedicated individual working on a particular project, or additional resource working within your organisation.


Internships offer your business similar benefits as a placement, however, they are for a shorter timescale. You can recruit an undergraduate student during the summer holidays to progress a project or a specific piece of work. You can read about one company's experience with a Management School intern.

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