Liverpool Interns

Liverpool Interns is an award-winning programme to support SMEs to fill skills gaps and help students and graduates gain valuable experience working in the Liverpool City Region (LCR).

Liverpool Interns is an award-winning programme that looks to support Small-Medium sized businesses (SMEs are companies with less than 250 employees) become more competitive, by taking advantage of the skills and knowledge students develop through their degree disciplines


At the same time, the programme provides students (and recent graduates) with:


  • the opportunity to develop practical ‘real world experience’
  • enhance the standard of their CVs
  • expose them to a business sector that ordinarily, they may not have considered before?


Whilst most of the internships/projects offered, will be with companies based here in the Liverpool City Region (LCR), the programme is open to SMEs based anywhere in the UK.


Our Liverpool Interns Programme enables employers to benefit from a 100 hours internship/projects delivered by a current student (or recent graduate), fully funded through a Bursary - ideal for short-term growth-boosting projects!


Internships can be completed:


  • Part-time around course commitments – we recommend a 7-10 hours per week commitment.
  • During the University’s summer vacation period (June to September), when hours of work can be increased up to full time hours.






  • Need to be considered relevant to a current course of study delivered by the University of Liverpool
  • Show clear evidence that they will take advantage of the skills being developed through the student’s course of study
  • Student’s will require ‘hand-on’ support for the duration of the internship/project


The Process:


  • Submit a project for consideration using our Project Brief Template
  • If the project is approved
    • Project advertised
    • Appropriate cohort of students targeted
    • Company supplied with suitable candidate CVs to consider
    • Company shortlists and conducts interviews


Commencing the Internship:


  • Agree a start date with the successful applicant
  • The company will be required to pay the student as the project progresses, through their standard payroll (weekly/monthly, into the student’s bank account)
  • Once a start date is agreed – the University will commence the payment process with the business, in order for the business to receive a £1100 bursary
  • The student/graduate appointed, will be required to be covered by the company’s public & employer’s liability insurance, for the duration of the project / internship period.


As the Internship progresses:


  • We will organise a review/evaluation of the project with the company and student at:
    • The completion of 50 hours
    • Upon completion of the 100 hours


Our team will provide advice and expertise on:


  • Preparing role descriptions
  • All aspects of the recruitment process
  • Providing support with the initial sifting of applications
  • Organising the interviews
  • Best way to support interns during the delivery of the internship/project


Watch this space!


We expect to have funding available from early 2024 onwards - companies will be restricted to one bursary per business.


To register your interest in the 2024 Liverpool Interns offer, please email the Programme Co-ordinator, Paul Cullinan.



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