Employers in the Curriculum

Embedding employers within the curriculum is where the magic happens.  If your organisation is looking to take a more targeted approach to attraction campaigns a curricular approach could be the perfect solution.

Benefits of engaging in curricular activity: 

  • A highly targeted approach to student engagement enabling you to raise your profile amongst some of the most hard-to-reach students. 
  • Getting involved is relatively easy and provides exposure to a talent pool of motivated students who are keen to learn.
  • A unique way to talent spot and identify potential hires.


Employer Challenges Students talking teaching hub

Employer Challenges

Set a real-world business challenge and observe how students collaborate to form practical solutions.

Virtual Internships

Virtual Internships

Host a virtual internship and access candidates that are pre-skilled and ready to do your work.

Skills Development Student attending virtual event

Skills Development Opportunities

Help to prepare students for the world of work and enhance the quality of your applications.