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    Wednesday 25th April, Conference Welcome Event

    18.30 - 21.00, Liverpool World Museum

    Chance to view the Terracota Warriors

    Thursday 26th April


    9.00 - 10.30: GRACE SUITE

    Welcome to Liverpool: Prof Julia Balogun, Dean ULMS


    10:30 - 11:00: Tea and coffee

    11:00 - 12:30:

    AL_SYM 1:Chair,Clare Rigg. ROOM – GRACE 1

    Action Learning symposium welcome, introductions, agenda-setting

    CAPABILITIES 01 – MEETING ROOM 7 Chair: Neil Turner

    Eva Gatarik, Rainer Born, Peter Kelemen (107)

    How to earn the “Order of Maria Theresia”. Behavioural patterns and skills for coping with the unexpected

    Ane Isabel Linden, Claudia Cristina Bitencourt, Hugo Muller Neto (112)

    The contribution of Knowing in Practice to Dynamic Capabilities in healthcare organizations: starting from the practice

    Alan John Brown, Jennifer Bimrose (117)

    Facilitating learning, development and professional identify transformation of Public Employment Services staff through on-line collaborative learning

    COP/ION 01 – MEETING ROOM 3 Chair: Beatriz Ortiz

    Kate Victoria Morland, Dermot Breslin, Fionn Stevenson (125)

    Building better homes: Developing a multi-level learning framework for UK house builders

    Dagmara Weckowska (139)

    Strategic change in the making: on the interplay of learning and strategising

    Amy Zidulka (122)

    Practice Theory as a Response to CoP Theory’s Limitations: An Empirical Exploration

    DEVPAPER 01 – MEETING ROOM 4 Chair: Jill Shepherd

    Isabelle Yi Ren, Jean M. Bartunek (118)

    Translating Knowledge across Boundaries: From Scholarly Knowledge to Management Insights

    Vicky Ward (113)

    Facilitating knowledge sharing within inter-professional healthcare teams: the value of ‘questions without answers’

    Mona Ali Al Hefdhi, Mahnaz Abbariki (145)

    Disruptive Organizing and Dynamic Learning Capability: Transforming the Saudi Economy

    Sufian Fannoun and John Kerins

    Eliciting and Analysing Knowledge in a Small Software Development Unit and Proposing a Lightweight System to Support Organisational Learning

    EDUCATION 01 – MEETING ROOM 5 Chair: Barbara Mueller

    Jan Green (134)

    The Basic Social Process of Perceptive Familiarizing: Making a Difference with Scenario Assessment in Executive Education

    Stine Bylin Bundgaard, Nikolaj Stegeager (160)

    Organizational Change in Continuing Education -A case study of action research as a pedagogical strategy within continuing education

    Sylvia Schweiger, Barbara Mueller, Wolfgang Guettel (188)

    From leadership training to leader identity development

    HRM 01 – MEETING ROOM 6 Chair: Georgina Lack

    Andrés Salas-Vallina, Joaquin Alegre(128)

    Constructive dissensus, organizational virtuousness and happiness at work (HAW) in banking services: a multilevel approach

    Frank Schirmer, Michael Gühne, Silke Geithner (140)

    Learning in the context of institutionalized reflexivity – Using the example of the existence of demographically adequate HRM tools –

    Mario Javier Donate Manzanares, Emilio Ruiz Monterrubio, Jesus David Sanchez de Pablo González del Campo, Isidro Peña Carcía-Pardo (158)

    Total Quality Management and Human Resource Practices for Social Capital Development: Effects on Company Innovation Capabilities

    INNO&ENT 01 – MEETING ROOM 2 Chair: Ossie Jones

    Joaquín Alegre Vidal, Iris Maria Velez Osorio (108)

    The Innovation Strategy and Organizational Learning: The Manufacturing Sector in Colombia

    Andrew Greenman, Jeannie Holstein (133)

    Preparing Entrepreneurs for Growth using Dialogic Space within Business Schools

    Lamia Salah Emam, Ossie Jones(136)

    Social Entrepreneuring: A Case of the Learning Process

    LEARN_THEORY 01 – MEETING ROOM 1 Chair: Ali Rostron

    Marco Marabelli, Sue Newell, Bob Galliers (135)

    The Role of Materiality in the Strategic Use of Social Media for Impression Management Purposes

    Dermot O'Reilly, Mark Westcombe (156)

    Meso-level dynamics and dimensions of organizational learning and change

    Katharina Sell (224)

    Igniting the Senses in Navigating Complexity: An Embodied Approach to Organizational Learning

    SENSL 01 Session Chair: Elena Antonacopoulou and Steve Taylor – GRACE 3

    Elena Antonacopoulou and Steve Taylor

    Plenary: What is Sensuous Learning and Why it matters?

    WP_LEARN 01 – GRACE SUITE BO ROOM Chair: Soila Lemmetty

    Annika Engström, Nikolas Käkelä (147)

    Learning to Make a Difference in Customization Settings

    Tsuneki Mukahi (151)

    The Effect of Contingencies of Self-Worth on Self-Esteem and Knowledge-Sharing Behavior in Organizations

    Alexander Engelmann, Barbara Kump, Christina Schweiger (157)

    Components of the Dominant Logic: A systematic literature review

    12.30 to 13.30 – LUNCH AND NETWORKING

    12.30 to 13.30 BOARDROOM

    OLKC Board Meeting

    THURSDAY 26th April 13.30 to 15.00

    AL_SYM 02a: Chair, Clare Rigg – GRACE 1

    Chandana Sanyal

    A Mindful Coach: The impact of mindfulness practice on the mind-set and belief system of the action learning coach

    Clare Rigg, David Coghlan, Paul Coughlan, Denise O'Leary

    Action Learning in Networks

    David Higgins, Barbara Wilczek-Stronczek

    Paper No. XX – Silent Voices and arresting moments …………….in action.

    AL_SYM 02b: Chair, Mike Pedler – GRACE 2

    Mike Pedler, Bernhard Hauser

    Does Action Learning need to change?


    CAPABILITIES 02 - MEETING ROOM 7 Chair: Ane Isabel Linden

    Stephanie Duchek, Silke Geithner, Tatjana Kalwa (121)

    How to learn resilience – a play-oriented approach to foster team resilience capabilities

    Tulin Dzhengiz, Eva Niesten (126)

    The Role of Absorptive Capacity in the Development of Environmentally Friendly Organizational Capabilities and Individual Competences: A Systematic Review of the Literature

    Neil Turner, Elmar Kutsch, Harvey Maylor, Juani Swart (131)

    Towards an understanding of ‘dynamic ambidexterity’ in supporting managerial resilience.

    COP/ION 02 - MEETING ROOM 3 Chair: Amy Zidulka

    Ila Bharatan, Jacky Swan, Eivor Oborn (161)

    Navigating Turbulent Waters: Negotiating Access to Participation in the Practices of Seafaring

    Beatriz Ortiz, Mario J. Donate, Fátima Guadamillas (210)

    Knowledge Acquisition from Inter-Organizational Cooperation Partners: The Mediating Role of Absorptive Capacity

    Cinla Akinci, Allan Macpherson(215)

    Inter-organizational Learning in a Strategic Partnership: A Case Study of Two UK County Police Forces

    DEVPAPER 02 - MEETING ROOM 4 Chair: Vicky Ward

    Jill Shepherd, Tim Artus (159)

    Organisational threshold concepts in degree apprenticeships; challenges and variations

    Aare Värk (166)

    Emergent practices of knowledge management in a small industrial design company

    Mike Phillips (170)

    Evaluating the impact of Degree Apprenticeships – Theory or Practitioner?

    EDUCATION 02 - MEETING ROOM 5 Chair: Jan Green

    Lone Hersted, Søren Frimann (192)

    Working with Organizational Learning from a Communication Perspective

    Allen Higgins (239)

    Performance in Teaching IS: Enacting IS practice through problem-based learning

    Guy Huber (173)

    Internationalizing the Curriculum: Care and Global Citizenship in the Business School

    HRM 02 - MEETING ROOM 6 Chair: Frank Schirmer

    Andrés Salas-Vallina, Cristina Simone, Rafael Fernandez-Guerrero(149)

    HRM soft practices, happiness at work (HAW) and absorptive capacity: theoretical and empirical advances In the HRM Black box

    Georgina Lack, Juani Swart (163)

    Unlearning-in-Action: Russian Dolls or empty boxes

    Atif Hassan (129)

    Analysis of Trust as Essence of Transformational Leadership: Impact on Work Engagement and Organization Citizenship Behavior 

    INNO&ENT 02 - MEETING ROOM 2 Chair:  Andrew Greenman

    Ana-Paula Fonseca (254)

    Action Research in the Small Business and Stakeholders context: from Corporate Social Responsibility Perspective

    Hannele {T. E.} Kerosuo, Tarja Mäki, Anssi Koskenvesa (191)

    Tracing pathways of implementing new working methods in construction industry

    Benito Giordano, Ossie Jones

    Entrepreneurial learning during early stage growth: the role of business models

    PPE SYMPOSIUM 01 – BOARDROOM Chair: Bjørn Erik Mørk

    Keith Herbert Peavy, Thomas Hoholm, Bjørn Erik Mørk, Per Ingvar Olsen

    Emerging solidarities and the transformation of practices and power relations

    Betina Riis Asplin

    User representations and power relations in service innovation.

    SENSL_SYM 02, Session Chair: Elena Antonacopoulou – GRACE 3

    Lotte Darsø, Gry Worre Hallberg

    Using Performance to Foster Inherent ‘Poetic Potential’ in Schools in Nordic Countries.

    Isabella Sacramento, Frode Heldal and R Carielo

    Using Body Sounds as a Coaching tool to Promote Individual Growth in Brazil

    15.00 to 15.30 TEA/COFFE

    15.30 to 17.00 

    AL_SYM 03a: Chair, Cheryl Brook – GRACE 1

    Sue Smith, Laurie Smith

    Supporting Innovation and Enterprise in Higher Education through Intra-Organizational Action Learning

    Cheryl Brook, Tom Bourner, Asher Rospigliosi

    Origins of the Ethos of Action Learning

    Yonjoo Cho, Hyeon-Cheol Bong, Hyeong-Sook Kim

    An Historical Analysis of Action Learning in South Korea

     AL_SYM 03b: Chair, Kath Aspinwal – GRACE 2

    Genevieve June Cother, Robert Fletcher Cother, William Stanley Woodworth, Lesley John Souster, Daniel Moriarty, Luke Miller, Roxanne Chugg, Christine Sophia Cother

    The Action Learning Organisation: An Account of Practice


    CAPABILITIES 03 - MEETING ROOM 7 Chair: Stephanie Duchek

    Maria Gil-Marques, Maria Moreno-Luzon, Andres Salas-Vallina (132)

    From individual to team ambidexterity: the mediating role of collaborative behaviour and students´ international experience

    Alexandre Degasperi, Angelo Jose Castro Alves Ferreira Filho, Deivid Almeida, Jorge Muniz Jr, Paulo Lourencao, Julio Cunha (199)

    Knowledge Management and Resilence_Study with Logistics Workers of Brazilian Aircraft Industry

    Rachel Hilliard, Don Goldstein (206)

    Identifying and measuring dynamic capability using search routines

    DEVPAPER 03 - MEETING ROOM 4 Chair: Mike Phillips

    Deborah Blackman, Nina Terrey, Katie Moon (175)

    Using Design Thinking to Reshape Mental Models – learning to make a difference for change

    Martin Rost, Eva Sonnenmoser, Birgit Renzl (180)

    Social networking of R&D middle managers in the automotive industry to facilitate ambidexterity

    Gulnaz Aksenova, Arto Kiviniemi, Tuba Kocaturk (184)

    An Empirical Study Investigating a Business Ecosystem Strategies for Value Co-Creation with BIM in design and construction industry

    Alaa Garad, Jeff Gold(209)

    Towards an Integrative Model for Organisational Learning

    LEARN_THEORY 02 - MEETING ROOM 1 Chair: Marco Marabelli

    Louise Margaret Doyle (252)

    Implementing a Longitudinal Interpretive Case Study in the Public Healthcare Sector: Reflections from the Field

    Ali Rostron (234)

    Everyday mythologizing: exploring the role of myth in manager identity work

    Pavel Bogolyubov, Thomas Grisold, Mark Easterby-Smith (194)

    The Thinking behind Systems Thinking: the Cognitive Perspective on the Fifth Discipline

    PL_Papers 01 - MEETING ROOM 3 Chair: Jacqueline Hiddlestone-Mumford

    Bjørg Aambø Østby (150)

    Facilitating Organizational Intercultural Learning through Insider Action Research

    Boyka Simeonova (187)

    Practical view of how St. James’s Place currently approaches the real world problems of knowledge sharing and learning.

    Ahmad Ali Alwahdani (257)

    The Impact of Trust and Reciprocity on Knowledge Exchange: A Case Study in IT Outsourcing

    PPE SYMPOSIUM 02 – BOARDROOM Chair: Bjørn Erik Mørk

    Tonje Hungnes, Thomas Hoholm

    Discretionary power and organizational innovation

    Maija Vähämäki, Essi Saru (237)

    Doctoral supervision as academic practice and leader-member relationship. A critical approach to the power relations in academic learning.

    SENSL_SYM 03, Session Chair: Arja Ropo – GRACE SUITE 3

    Cecilie Meltzer

    Using Arts-based Inquiry as a way to Communicate Creatively in Uncovering the Future

    Christa Breum Amhøj

    Using Balloons to Co-create Welfare in the Heath Sector in Denmark.

    Poula Helth

    Using Aesthetic Dramas to Transform Leadership Practice in the Public Sector in Denmark

    WP_LEARN 02 – GRACE SUITE BO ROOM Chair: Alexander Engelmann

    Olga Andrianova (176)

    Changing Boundary Object: Use of Learning Objects to Faciliate Corporate Greeining

    Asuncion Esteso Blasco, Maria Gil-Marques, Juan Sapena Bolufer (179)

    Does the altruism of Economy of Communion leaders have a positive impact on learning and innovation?

    Soila Lemmetty, Kaija Collin (181)

    Discourses of workplace learning in information technology personnel’s speech

    Friday 27th April

    9.00 to 10.30


    Alyson Nicholds, Andre Soares

    Processes of being/ becoming research-active: Reflexive insights on shifting academic identity in the neoliberalising of Higher Education

    Konstantinos Kakavelakis: On the fringes of academia

    AL_SYM 04a: Chair, Sara Csillag – GRACE 1

    Meadbh Ruane

    A Story of Participant Learning on an Executive Action Learning Masters’ Programme

    Sara Csillag

    Challenging moral muteness? Action research as development process for HR communty

    Søren Frimann, Lone Hersted

    Action learning for leadership development and organizational learning

    AL_SYM 04b: Chair, Kathryn Winterburn – GRACE 2

    Anne McKee, Kathryn Winterburn, David Higgins

    Developing Clinical Practice: a strategy for enabling effective participation in action based learning.

    AL_SYM 04c: Chair, Jeff Gold - MEETING ROOM 2

    Jeff Gold, Aileen Lawless, Lisa Anderson, Clare Rigg, Mike Pedler

    Action Learning: A Futures and Foresight Workshop


    DEVPAPER 04 - MEETING ROOM 4 Chair:  Anas Al Tweijer

    Pam Miranda (212)

    Dynamic capability theory and its applicability to an Australian social service organisation.

    Bjørg Aambø Østby (225)

    Organizational intercultural learning as means of enhancing service quality in multicultural workplaces

    Marise Helen Lehto (235)

    The multiple conceptualizations of language and identity in second-language environments: a scoping review.

    SENSL_SYM 04: Chair, Steve Taylor – GRACE 3

    Irene Nikandrou

    Using Epic Poems and Creative Drama to Develop Realistic Optimism among Undergraduate Students in Greece

    Hanna Pauliina Lehtimäki and Heidi Silvast

    Using Student-led arts-based methods in Finnish Higher Education to foster Leadership for Change and Renewal

    Ashley James Byron Roberts and Ioanna Iordanou

    Using ‘Kinaesthetic Exertion’ to Engender Team Psychological Safety in UK Higher Education


    Ossie Jones, Sara Nadin, Allan Macpherson, Lisa Anderson

    Growth Catalyst: An Entrepreneurial Learning Journey


    Dermot Breslin. Co-editor, International Journal of Management Reviews



    Sarah Hean, Paivikki Lahtinen, Anu Kajamaa, Laura Seppänen, Marie Aakjær, Tina Murphy, Laure Kloetzer

    10.30 TO 11.00 TEA AND COFFEE

    11.00 TO 12.30 – GRACE SUITE


    12.30 TO 13.30 – LUNCH AND NETWORKING

    FRIDAY 27th APRIL – 13.30 TO 15.00

    AL_SYM 05a: Chair, Ruth Cook – GRACE 1

    Ruth Cook, Sonja Antell

    Making waves - action learning for social change

    AL_SYM 05b: Chair, David Coghlan – GRACE 2

    David Coghlan, Clare Rigg

    What Kind of Organisational Knowledge is generated by Action Learning?


    AL_SYM 05c: Chair, David Higgins – MEETING ROOM 2

    Writing an Account of Practice or Refereed Paper for the Journal of Action Learning: research & practice

    CAPABILITIES 04 – MEETING ROOM 7 Chair: Maria Gil-Marques

    Jorge Muniz, Daniel Wintersberg, Jacky F. L. Hong (193)

    Assembly Line Worker Perceptions of Factors Facilitating Knowledge Sharing: The Case of the MAN Modular Consortium in Brazil

    Bersisa Gutema Berri, Rory Donnelly (220)

    Knowledge Integration and its Role in Enhancing Four Dimensions Of Nonprofit Organisational Effectiveness

    Aurora Martínez-Martínez, Juan-Gabriel Cegarra-Navarro, Alexeis García-Pérez, Ana Moreno-Ponce (201)

    Updating environmental knowledge through exploitation and exploration: an empirical investigation in hotels

    DEVPAPER 05 – MEETING ROOM 4 Chair: Pam Miranda

    Anas Al Tweijer (141)

    Promoting Organisational Learning through Managerial Roles In The Jordanian Pharmaceutical Industry: The Moderating Role Of Organisational Social Capital

    Dmitrijs Kravcenko1, Fabio Petani (249)

    Space and Organisational Memory: A Review and Research Agenda

    Nor Erlissa Abd Aziz, R.M.U. Susantha Udagedara, Sudi Sharifi (229)

    An Exploration of Organizational Elements on Social Media Platforms Based Knowledge Sharing: The Case of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Malaysia

    EDUCATION 03 - – MEETING ROOM 5 Chair: Allen Higgins

    Allen Wayne Batteau, Carmen Bueno (124)

    The Space-Place Relationship in a Virtual Learning Environment

    Mariana Altopiedi, Nieves Oliva, Julián López-Yáñez, Marita Sánchez-Moreno, Manon Toussaints (165)

    Learning about principals’ learning: an analysis of a training experience on educational leadership

    Silvana Ferreira Pinheiro e Silva, Márcia Meira Berti Fiorin, Marilda Todescat (270)

    Perceptions and Aesthetic Judgments of the Classroom - Actions Based on the Senses

    HRM 03 - – MEETING ROOM 6 Chair: Atif Hassan

    Oksana Galak (105)

    "Know thy customer": non-anonymity as the driver of the other-directed job effort under incomplete contracts

    Cara C Maurer (189)

    Learning from Diversity

    Nicola Cangialosi, Adalgisa Battistelli, Carlo Odoardi (222)

    Linking HRM Training Practices and Innovative Work Behavior: The Influences of Proactive Personality, Learning Goal Orientation and Reflexivity

    PL_PAPERS 02 - – MEETING ROOM 3 Chair: Boyka Simeonova

    Alaa Garad, Jeff Gold (164)

    The Learning-Driven Organisation; Towards an Ecosystem for Organisational Learning

    Carol Helen Baumgarten (178)

    Charting a Course for Collaborative Change

    Jacqueline Hiddlestone-Mumford (203)

    Infrastructure configuration strategies to deliver workplace environmental change

    SENSL_SYM 05: Chair, Arja Ropo – GRACE 3

    Giuseppe Scaratti, Mara Gorli and Frode Heldal

    Using Narratives and Portraits to foster Reflexivity through Learning from Experience in Health Care Organisations in Italy and Denmark

    Andrew Jonathan Mountfield

    Using Art-Based Methods to Explore Learning in an Individual With Systemizing Bias

    Elena Antonacopoulou and Steve Taylor

    Open discussion

    WP_LEARN 03 – GRACE SUITE BO ROOM Chair: Allan Macpherson

    Marian Evans (190)

    Learning by doing: using experience to develop expertise

    Kurt Dauer Keller (202)

    Institutional and organizational structuring of meaning

    Jinglin Jiang (171)

    A Study of Expatriates’ Learning Flexibility, Cultural Distance, Adaptation and Adaptive Performance in China

    FRIDAY 27th APRIL – 15.00 TO 15.30 – TEA AND COFFEE

    FRIDAY 27th APRIL – 15.30 TO 16.30 – GRACE SUITE


    Reflections on OLKC2018: Hans Berends and Mary Crossan

    Lisa Anderson, Allan Macpherson:  Are we learning to make a difference?

    Sue Newell: Introducing OLKC2019

    17.00 TO 20.00 - Farewell Event