Crafting World Leading Outputs in Management Research: Building Bridges & Breaking Boundaries

University of Liverpool Management School, in association with NARTI and SAMS

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4 & 5 April 2022, University of Liverpool Management School

Following the cancellation of the 2020 PhD led conference, the doctoral community at the University of Liverpool Management School (ULMS) is organising a two-day event to take place over Easter 2022.

The purpose of the workshop is to support PhD students', and early career researchers’ (ECR) scholarly development; help to develop and refine their research papers for publication in prominent journals; design and present proposals for international conference and facilitate their academic networking. We will therefore welcome submissions from a wide variety of topics in business, management and organization studies, and we would like participants to consider the broader questions of what ‘world leading’ output is, and why producing such work may matter to others, both within and outside the academic community.

The event commences on Monday 4 April in the morning and ends on Tuesday 5 April, in the afternoon. All sessions will be held in the University of Liverpool Management School.

We expect around 40 participants from across the UK and Europe and an esteemed academic panel of ten to facilitate an intense, intellectually stimulating and socially enjoyable forum.


The event will be open to all doctoral students and early career researchers.

Academic Panel:

  • Stephanie Decker (University of Bristol Business School)
  • Gazi Islam (Grenoble School of Management)
  • Dilani Jayawarna (University of Liverpool Management School)
  • Damian O’Doherty (University of Liverpool & Copenhagen Business School)
  • Sheena Vachhani (University of Bristol Business School)
  • Mike Zundel (University of Liverpool Management School & Copenhagen Business School)

Keynote Speakers:

  • Caroline Gatrell (University of Liverpool Management School)
  • Gazi Islam (Grenoble School of Management)

Plus more to be announced.

The Event:

One major impact of the pandemic has been the lack of productive, in-person socialisation between doctoral researchers within the school and across networks. This workshop event will therefore seek to lay the foundations for building a professional career in academia alongside a reinvigoration of collaboration across the cohorts in producing world leading outputs in management research.

Designed to cater for ECRs of all levels of experience, the first day of the conference will allow those who are ready to begin publishing to showcase their work and receive feedback and advice from world-leading figures in the field.

For those in their early years of doctoral study, the conference will seek to facilitate academic socialisation; exposing ECRs to the nature of conference attendance (Day 1) as well as working collaboratively in deriving proposals based on their research (Day 2).

You can register your place for Day 1 of the 'Crafting World Leading Outputs in Management Research' conference on Eventbrite here.

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