Jiarui Yang: BA Accounting and Finance 2015


S‌ince graduating from the University of Liverpool Management School in 2015, I have secured a role working as an Audit Associate at Ernst and Young.

What does your role involve and what is a typical work day like?

As an Audit Associate, my responsibility is to collaborate with my team to check the   company’s accounts to ensure they are fairly stated. A typical work day for me is to analyse the movement of the financial figures. I personally believe an inquisitive mind, teamwork and communication skills are key aspects of this job.  

How did you use the university careers service?

I found the “Application Masterclasses” organised by the career service to be informative and practical. The sessions are presented by employers to give students an idea about their company and the application process. However, unlike the traditional career talks, students are given the opportunity to undertake mock interviews with recruiters. The feedback received is invaluable for future job applications.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Liverpool Management School?

I originally come from Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University in China. I decided to study in Liverpool for my last two years because I wanted to gain an understanding of the culture and accounting systems operated in the UK. Moreover, I believe the teaching in the Management School is of high quality. The course also offers exemptions from the Association of Chartered Accountants (ACA) qualification exams.

How did your degree course prepare you for your current job?

The course has laid a solid knowledge foundation for my current role. When I started my job, I realised that the content I learned from my degree was closely linked to the modern business world. For example, the Auditing and Assurance module helped me quickly understand the principle of the work I performed. The Financial Reporting module introduces the accounting standards that are the basis for the corporate reporting.  It is exciting to apply what I learned into real practice.

What did you feel was the most rewarding element of the course?

I feel the most rewarding part of the course has been developing various skills such as commercial awareness. We were encouraged to read business news at the very beginning of our study. Some lecturers also incorporated the current business issues into the course material. When I applied for jobs, I found that commercial awareness is one of the key abilities that employers are looking for.

What did you enjoy most about your student experience?

The thing that I enjoyed the most is the supportive teaching and learning environment. The teachers in my course are friendly and approachable. They are willing to help you as much as they can. Whenever I met difficulties in my study, they were available either during office hours or through making appointments. In addition to traditional classroom lectures, online recorded tutorials and podcasts are being used so students can review materials at their own paces.

Did you undertake a placement/internship?

I interned as an audit associate at a local accountancy firm in China in the summer of 2014. This was because I intended to gain insight into how the auditor’s work is like. During my internship, I was exposed to a variety of clients which I found quite interesting. From this experience I decided to take auditing as my first career choice.

What are your career goals for the future?

My short term career goal is to become a chartered accountant within three years. This means I need to prepare for the rest of my ACA exams and accumulate relevant work experience during this period. In the long term, I aim to become a senior financial manager at an S&P 500 company.