Undergraduate Alumni Stories



Kate Martyn: Accounting and Finance, 2012

"The support I got from Claire Mallanaphy, who was the Director of Studies, was just absolutely fantastic and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her support."

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Jiarui Yang: Accounting and Finance, 2015

"When I started my job, I realised that the content I learned from my degree was closely linked to the modern business world. It is exciting to apply what I learned into real practice."

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Jane Storey: Accounting and Finance, 2005

"The interview process for a Big Four firm is difficult and challenging. I used the careers service at the University to help me with this, by holding mock interviews and taking all the advice I could get!"

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Pete Diamond: Business Economics, 2014

"The knowledge and skills I learned and developed at University have been instrumental for my role."

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Chloe Stafford: Business Studies with a Year in Industry, 2015

"My degree in Business Management gave me an in depth, theoretical understanding of how business's operate which I can apply within my practical work experiences."

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Kelly Walker: Business Studies with a Year in Industry, 2014

"I would not have my current role without my placement, which was also at Microsoft, as I was able to develop my skills and build networks."

You can read an interview with Kelly


Oliver Hall: Economics, 2014

"My degree prepared me well for my current role by providing me with a solid grounding in Macro and Microeconomics. It was also a goal of mine to start the University of Liverpool Economics Society which I achieved in 2013.”

You can read an interview with Oliver


Shauna Loughrey: Economics, 2015

"What differentiates Economics and other Management School courses from other degrees is there application to the real working world"

You can read an interview with Shauna.


Tom Jervis: International Business, 2015

"Being aware of the macro and microeconomic factors that affect markets, which becomes second nature in an economics degree, helps to add value when working with a client"

You can read an interview with Tom.


Khalida Abdulrahim: International Business, 2015

"My course provided me with a good understanding of economic and market conditions that affect multinational businesses, which I find useful in my current job role."

You can read an interview with Khalida.


Annie Mars-Jones: Marketing, 2016

"Whilst I loved the challenge of studying, I ended up developing much more than marketing knowledge during my time at university. The memories I have from my three years at university, and the network of friends I made are invaluable to me."

You can read an interview with Annie.


Sam Cartwright: Marketing with a Year in Industry, 2018

"I chose ULMS because I had my heart set on Marketing and Liverpool. The reputation of the Management School proceeds itself in a really positive way. I mean, achieving what the school has achieved in such a short space of time is pretty amazing."

You can read an interview with Sam.