Undergraduate Alumni Stories

Jiarui Yang: Accounting and Finance, 2015

"When I started my job, I realised that the content I learned from my degree was closely linked to the modern business world. It is exciting to apply what I learned into real practice."

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Kagiso Mello: Accounting and Finance, 2019

"I was able to have mock interviews with the careers service and they put me in touch with previous graduates who had recently gone through KPMG’s recruitment process. This made it easy for me to ask questions and know what to expect on the day."

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Adam Trott: Accounting and Finance with a Year in Industry, 2020

"My experiences with ULMS really did help me to become more resilient and adaptable. The numerous presentations and workshops put on by ULMS do make a difference."

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Pete Diamond: Business Economics, 2014

"The knowledge and skills I learned and developed at University have been instrumental for my role."

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Chloe Stafford: Business Studies with a Year in Industry, 2015

"My degree in Business Management gave me an in depth, theoretical understanding of how business's operate which I can apply within my practical work experiences."

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Jonathon Foster: Business Management with Law, 2018

"The pedagogy and practice of the Management School provided me with all the tools I needed to develop strong skills in many areas I use daily at the House of Commons from research to communication."

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Kelly Walker: Business Studies with a Year in Industry, 2014

"I would not have my current role without my placement, which was also at Microsoft, as I was able to develop my skills and build networks."

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Oliver Hall: Economics, 2014

"My degree prepared me well for my current role by providing me with a solid grounding in Macro and Microeconomics. It was also a goal of mine to start the University of Liverpool Economics Society which I achieved in 2013.”

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Harvey Upton: Economics, 2014

"I think Liverpool is a great place to be a student, with a pretty low cost of living and loads to do."

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Ellie Parrott: Economics, 2019

"The University were a massive help. I used the careers service a lot during my applications. I had already attended an internship application programme in my second year and found this incredibly helpful when applying for graduate jobs"

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Tom Jervis: International Business, 2015

"Being aware of the macro and microeconomic factors that affect markets, which becomes second nature in an economics degree, helps to add value when working with a client"

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Khalida Abdulrahim: International Business, 2015

"My course provided me with a good understanding of economic and market conditions that affect multinational businesses, which I find useful in my current job role."

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Annie Mars-Jones: Marketing, 2016

"Whilst I loved the challenge of studying, I ended up developing much more than marketing knowledge during my time at university. The memories I have from my three years at university, and the network of friends I made are invaluable to me."

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Sam Cartwright: Marketing with a Year in Industry, 2018

"I chose ULMS because I had my heart set on Marketing and Liverpool. The reputation of the Management School proceeds itself in a really positive way. I mean, achieving what the school has achieved in such a short space of time is pretty amazing."

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