Manish Sankla

Liverpool MBA, 2012

Before I started my MBA studies, I was working for a construction company as a Business Project Manager, working with both skilled and unskilled labours and managing P&L of the project. Also, as a social changemaker and co-founder of Yuva Ignited Minds, I was igniting youth to become socially responsible by involving them in social projects which helped those in need.

Why did you choose the Liverpool MBA?

During my work, I found that leadership and management intrigued me and I wanted to upgrade my managerial and leadership skills. The Liverpool MBA is renowned worldwide and its accreditation and Russell Group status was just the icing on the cake. The course placed emphasis on developing as a manager and a leader and this really persuaded me to choose it as my MBA destination. Also, the careers advice and support available.

What do you feel has been the most rewarding element of the course?

It was also one of my childhood dreams to study an MBA abroad, to get international exposure and mix with a global community. This was the perfect opportunity to broaden my network with people from various cultures and countries which gave me an insight into their lives. Working on various group projects had been really interesting, ensuring each individual’s skills are utilised to the advantage of the group to get the best results possible.

The course also helped me with self-reflection, allowing me to identify my skills and the best way to utilise them. Most importantly the programme also showed students how to put theoretical practices into everyday situations. I have many entrepreneurial aspirations including starting up my own business in the future. The programme has provided me with the entrepreneurial tools that are necessary to understand unique selling points and create competitive advantages that are essential to establishing a sustainable business.

Did you receive a scholarship?

I was awarded a faculty postgraduate scholarship of £2,000. This award was awarded to 50 exceptional international students applying for all taught programmes offered by the University. On the basis of both work and study accomplishments and I am glad I was one amongst them.

Did you undertake a workbased project?

Yes, I undertook a placement with Enterprise Development(ED), a project initiated by the director of Management School. I was working on a project to make affordable housing work in India. This project was mentored by Acumen Fund, a global philanthropy organisation who invest in social projects across the world by providing patient capital.

Can you describe your current role?

Yes, on completion of my course, I started working for a couple of venture capitalists from the UK and USA as an external strategy consultant. I worked on a variety of business problems from multiple industries. I have recently relocated to Bangalore, India and started working for Decathlon Sports India as Expansion Manager. I am responsible for the development of new retail stores and mapping real estate acquisition.



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