Sarah Faiz: UK

Before starting the Football Industries MBA, Sarah did her undergraduate degree in Accounting and Finance and went on to work in accounting for a few years. Following on from accounting, Sarah opened her own events company specialising in cocktail and mocktail displays mainly for weddings and large parties. Following Covid and its impact on the events industry, Sarah began to reassess her career plan.

Sarah Faiz

Why did you choose MBA study at the University of Liverpool?

Following on from Covid, I have decided it's best to follow a career for long-term stability. It was important it was in something I enjoyed (i.e. not accounting), so I decided to go back to university and pursue my passion for management and football.

What do you feel has been the most rewarding element of the programme so far?

The most rewarding element of the course is definitely the teachers we have.

For our football-specific modules, our teachers have worked in the football industry and are able to provide students with firsthand and private information we would have never gotten otherwise, this has allowed us all to gain an in-depth understanding of the industry as well as moulding us to be the positive change needed in the industry.

The alumni of the course are also very impressive and always willing to lend a hand when needed. 

What do you do when not studying?

I love to meet with friends. We often do Salsa on a Thursday night at Revolution at Albert Docks. There’s a cat café in town which is a great place to grab a cup of tea with a friend and de-stress in the company of lots of cute cats.

As a cohort, we regularly meet up to catch our favourite football teams play.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of studying an MBA?

  1. Sit and think about what exactly is the end goal you are trying to achieve
  2. Understand there will be substantial peaks and troughs in the journey
  3. Start reading more
  4. Learn to compartmentalise and structure large amounts of data.

Why did you choose the Management School?

I was fortunate enough to be eligible for the Sky Kick It Out Scholarship which only takes place at the University of Liverpool Management School.

What have you learnt from guest speakers so far?

We have had a broad range of guest speakers from varying sectors within football, appealing to different members of the cohort.

I most enjoyed talks that have come from senior management within football clubs as they had substantial experience in day-to-day club operations, which I found very interesting.

They also had a lot of fantastic movie-worthy stories which are thoroughly entertaining.

What skills and knowledge do you feel you have developed?

I have learnt a lot about myself and which skills I hold. During the process of the MBA, I have been fortunate enough to experiment with my abilities and really understand where my passions lie.

I understand how much I enjoy organising and planning events, and how much the satisfaction of an event well done energises me.

In terms of new skills, I would say I have learnt to use my creativity to provide innovative solutions to organisations. I have also learnt to network successfully and use my contacts to help my progression.

What aspects of the programme have you enjoyed most?

I have enjoyed our trips abroad which have allowed us to understand the importance of the global football ecosystem, and how important the sport is outside of England.

It has also been insightful to see how other countries tackle issues such as sustainability and sporting injury, which in some cases is far more advanced than in the UK.

Did you receive a scholarship, if so, what impact has receiving a scholarship had on you?

Yes, I received the Sky Kick It Out Scholarship, and aside from having the course paid for, it has opened up a level of education that wouldn’t have been accessible without the scholarship.

It was also great knowing I had the extra support of Sky and the mentor I was assigned through the scholarship.

It also gave me the chance to experience being on live TV, which isn’t something I would have ever imagined happening.

What are you enjoying most about living in Liverpool?

The town centre is huge and there’s plenty to explore so that never gets boring.

The centre is also very aesthetically pleasing and there are plenty of great places to find.

The city has heart and the people are very friendly and inviting, it’s a great place to live.