Year 5 Curriculum Overview

What students can expect from the final year of our MBChB Programme, at a glance.

Building on the spiral curriculum from the earlier years the Year 5 curriculum introduces students to aspects of acute, emergency and critical care medicine not formally encountered in earlier years. Students undertake an immersive 20-week placement of a 5 x 4 week clinical placement model comprising:

Acute Placement Block

  • Acute medicine
  • Acute surgery
  • Emergency medicine
  • General Practice
  • One 4-week composite placement consisting of Critical Care and Anaesthetics (2 weeks), Acute Psychiatry (1 week), FY1 PracTiSCE (Practical Training in a Simulated Clinical Environment) (1 week).

Weekly teaching will take place on Wednesday mornings and will include CBLs and other teaching sessions produced centrally and delivered locally on Wednesday mornings. Students will be free for sports and other activities on Wednesday afternoon in keeping with other years.

Following this they will enter a period of revision and assessment before returning to clinical placement for the following:

SAMP (6 weeks)

Selective in advanced medical practice. Student selected clinical placement to explore an area recognised as requiring further exposure or of interest for their career.

Pre-Foundation Apprenticeship Placement

Building on the success of the volunteering project undertaken by Year 5 student doctors in 2020, student doctors will be acting up as FY1 apprentices, after an initial shadowing period on a ward-based placement. They will be based at a different Trust to their acute block.

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