Why join the Examiner team?

Examining is an intellectually stimulating, enjoyable experience which allows you to gain an insight into the undergraduate curriculum at the School of Medicine while contributing to the maintenance of professionally led examinations, medical standards and patient safety.

The Clinical Assessments at the School of Medicine use an OSCE format and provides an excellent networking opportunity with up to 100 healthcare professionals interested in medical education from around the Mersey region in attendance at each session.

Examining is recognised as a ‘Supporting Professional Activity’ by most trusts and is an excellent source of CPD for appraisal and revalidation as well as enhancing your own learning.

Free online training, free parking and evidence of participation are provided for all examiners.

OSCE Team Contact Details

Helen Box
Director of OSCE, Clinical Skills & Simulation
Email: boxh1@liverpool.ac.uk

Cathy Carr
Email: oscardog@liverpool.ac.uk

Hannah Crossman, Kristal Clark
OSCE Examiner Recruitment Team
Email: osce@liverpool.ac.uk

Natalie Harrington
Clinical Assessment Station and Standardised Patient Lead
Email: natalieh@liverpool.ac.uk

Abbie Keogh
OSCE Volunteer Patient Recruitment Lead
Email: keoghal@liverpool.ac.uk

Meet the Team