What to expect at this year's OSCEs 2020

Following the government announcement of further lockdown as of 05.11.20 - we confirm the exams will still go ahead as planned.

We would like to reassure examiners that safety is at the forefront of our minds when planning these assessments. Read a quick overview of the safety measures in place for 2020. Including details of the exclusive access to an Examiners Only car park. Full details are also sent to all examiners upon confirmation of booking.

These webpages are designed to provide you with information and training to prepare you for your role as an OSCE Examiner.

OSCE Team Contact Details

Helen Box
Director of OSCE, Clinical Skills & Simulation
Email: boxh1@liverpool.ac.uk

Bee Collier
Clinical Assessment Psychometrics Lead
Email: oscardog@liverpool.ac.uk

Hannah Crossman
OSCE Examiner Recruitment Lead
Email: osce@liverpool.ac.uk

Natalie Harrington
Clinical Assessment Station and Standardised Patient Lead
Email: natalieh@liverpool.ac.uk

Abbie Keogh
OSCE Volunteer Patient Recruitment Lead
Email: keoghal@liverpool.ac.uk

Meet the Team