Educational Supervisors

Supervisors play a key role in supporting our students on placements in both primary and secondary care.

Educational Supervisors are required to register with Liverpool School of Medicine in order to gain access to their student’s e-portfolio. For assistance, please contact

Students are required to meet with their Educational Supervisor on a weekly basis to discuss their progress and also to ensure that they are achieving the learning outcomes of the placement.

As Educational Supervisor, you will be signing clinical placement forms such as DOPS, CPADS or OEs. (Learn more on the Glossary Page).

If you prefer to complete forms on your device/computer, instead of on the PebblePocket App on the student’s device, then the student doctor can now send you an E-form request via email. When you log into the e-portfolio you will be able to view and complete the e-forms that the student doctor has sent to you. Please ensure that when the student doctor asks for your email address that you give them the email address that you log into the eportfolio system with as this will ensure that the system does not create a duplicate account for you.

Any clinician who is supervising the student can also be sent Placement forms via email to sign remotely rather than using the PebblePocket App on the student’s device. 

There are two ways to access e-forms:

  1. You can access a specific e-form by clicking on the link in the email. This will prompt you to login and you will be taken directly to the form. Please note, this method will only allow you to view a specific E-form, and not the list of E-forms from any other students.
  2. If you are the named Educational Supervisor for the student, you can also log into the e-portfolio as normal. If a student doctor has shared a form with you it will appear under ‘Items that have been shared with you’.


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