Taught Masters options

A Taught Masters is the chance to help you to specialise, set your career path in the right direction and gain vital skills and experience.

A Masters is a qualification above Bachelors degrees but below PhDs. As you have been studying medicine at an advanced level for at least three years before intercalating, you qualify to pursue a masters.

Progressing to a Taught Masters means you will study at a higher level, and more independently than you may be used to with undergraduate courses.  You should still expect a series of modules with set timetables of seminars, lectures and other structured activities. 

Whichever programme or route you choose you will advance your knowledge by accessing world-leading research whilst enhancing your career prospects.

Taught Masters courses

We offer an inspiring range of Taught Masters options at the University of Liverpool. Some examples of courses our student doctors have chosen to study on their intercalation year include:

MSc. Master of Science

Advanced Biological Sciences MSc.

Benefit from the largest concentration of bioscience departments in the UK. Develop your own degree programme with bespoke pathways across our School of Life Sciences. 

Biomedical Engineering MSc.

Liverpool offers a wealth of expertise and support from the departments academic staff, and harbours huge resources in machinery and tooling that can be used in postgraduate projects. Biomedical Engineering Student Profile: Meet Nick. Find out more: Biomedical Engineering on YouTube.


LLM. Master of Law. ‘Legum Magister’

Law, Medicine and Healthcare: Popular course with medical practitioners and health service workers. Opportunity to focus on the law and ethics behind medical policy and decision making.


MIM. Masters In Management

Gain insight into what it means to be a manager in contemporary organisations, and a thorough understanding of key business functions such as marketing, finance, business analytics and strategy. The University of Liverpool Management School is one of an elite group of institutions worldwide to be AACSB Accredited.


MPH. Master of Public Health

Tackle the wider determinants of health and provide a solid foundation for public health research and practice in a variety of public, NGO, and international settings.


Despite the challenges, if I had my time over again I would definitely intercalate. I had a richness of experience that I would not have gained otherwise.

Dr Victoria Tippett, Respiratory Consultant and Director of Medical Education, Educational Research, Educator Development & Engagement

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