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Established in 1892

Liverpool Law School is one of the oldest law departments in the UK. We are committed to contributing, through the excellence of our research and policy work, to critical exploration of the role of law in promoting, or inhibiting, social justice. We strive for social relevance and to influence public debate and policy at the local, national, European and international levels.

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It's because our research informs our teaching that we provide a rigorous intellectual and practical introduction to the professional workplace, as a basis for pursuing legal, academic or other fulfilling careers.

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Petconsent November 2020 blog - Research in Pet Patients

Dr Carol Gray, ESRC Research Fellow, looks at research in pet patients in this month's Petconsent blog. There’s been a lot of news coverage of the volunteers who helped to test the three COVID vaccines that are being developed. People who put themselves forward as ‘guinea pigs’ for testing these new vaccines have been hailed as heroes. Each one of them took a risk. I’m sure they went through a very lengthy consent process, where a researcher talked them through all the possible risks of being injected with a vaccine that had undergone safety tests in the lab before being produced for use in volunteers.