Intercalation opportunities for medical students

Step away from medicine for 12 months and complement your studies with legal perspectives on medicine and healthcare at Masters level.

What is intercalation?

Intercalating students step away from their programme for 12 months in order to pursue more in depth studies of a subject that is of interest to them; students then return to complete their programme. Our programmes are available to both University of Liverpool and external intercalating students.

Why intercalate?

  • It offers greater career opportunities
  • It’s an opportunity to study a subject that interests you in more depth
  • It’s an opportunity to learn how to research
  • It may provide an opportunity to publish papers or present at conferences
  • You obtain a Masters qualification as well as your medical qualification
  • It’s an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

If you are considering taking an intercalating year, the Liverpool Law School can offer you a vibrant mix of Masters level programmes.

In deciding to intercalate you should weigh up the benefits to your future career as well as the additional studying time and financial costs. You should also carefully consider the subject matter you will be studying. You will find it helpful to speak to students that have already undertaken an intercalating year. Your current School of Medicine will also be able to help advise you.

Veterinary students are also eligible to intercalate.

Things to consider

  • Look for a subject area that best aligns with your future career ambitions
  • Is Masters best for your needs?
  • How research focused do you want your intercalating year to be
  • The experiences of students that have finished their intercalating year
  • You should fully research the course you want to undertake before signing up; this could include spending time with the course leader.

How to apply

If you are considering making an application for our LLM Medicine and Health Care, or another of our LLM Programmes, we ask that you contact the LLM Programme Director, Dr Craig Purhouse ( in advance of submitting an application. This will help you in gaining a better understanding of the content and requirements of the programme so that you have more confidence about your choice of study. We also encourage you to read our FAQs section.

To apply, please provide a personal statement, 2 academic references and complete the intercalation application form. The completed documents can be sent to addressed to the LLM Programme Director.

Medical students should inform your current department of your intent to study the LLM course, you can contact them directly on (Medical students only).

Notice for External Candidates

Any external university candidates applying for this course, must apply through the online application process and clearly state on your application at the top of your personal statement section you are applying for the intercalating LLM course. You will also be required to provide an up to date transcript of your studies from your current university provider, in addition to the documents already stated above.

What happens next?

The Programme Director will make a decision on your application considering factors such as your academic background and the number of places available on the programme. Their decision will be communicated to you, usually by email and once your place on the programme is confirmed, further information about the transfer process will be provided to you by the Programme Director.

Intercalating is a brilliant opportunity to take a year out to study something completely different and is definitely applicable to medicine. The LLM teaches you law that all doctors need to know!

Kristian Tattam, LLM in Medicine and Healthcare

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