Research Projects

ESCR Peacebuilding

Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and Sustaining Peace

Developing New Insights into Peacebuilding - Dr Amanda Cahill-Ripley

Petconsent Dr Carol Gray with two greyhounds


Shared decision-making between vets and pet owners when deciding about pet healthcare - Carol Gray



Liverpool Law Clinic's work on assisting people who are stateless or at risk of statelessness - Johanna Bezzano and Judith Carter

EU Settlement Scheme How do I apply to the EU Settlement Scheme graphic with blue children and a yellow speech bubble

EU Settlement Scheme: Information for EU/EEA citizen children

If you want to stay in the UK, and you are from one of the European countries listed on this page, you must apply to the EU Settlement Scheme by 30 June 2021. Find helpful information and a list of FAQs.

Lives on Hold: Our Stories Told

'Lives on Hold: Our Stories Told' - The Legal and Social Impacts of Covid-19 on Young Unaccompanied Asylum-Seekers in England.

This interdisciplinary research will be able to provide the first detailed study of the effects of the legal and welfare effects of Covid-19 on unaccompanied asylum seekers aged 16 – 25.

An Uphill Struggle: Securing Legal Status for Victims and Survivors of Trafficking Two research reports against a backdrop of piles of paperwork

An Uphill Struggle: Securing Legal Status for Victims and Survivors of Trafficking

Dr Samantha Currie, Senior Lecturer at Liverpool Law School, and Johanna Bezzano, In-house Solicitor and Lecturer at Liverpool Law Clinic, have published a research report which examines the impact of legal representation on victims and survivors of trafficking.

Reset Ethics Cartoon illustration of people wearing face masks and checking mobile phones plus text that reads 'Reset Ethics'

Reset Ethics

When pandemic and everyday ethics collide: supporting ethical decision-making in maternity care and paediatrics during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Pets in Care Homes Pets in Care Homes logo featuring an illustration of a dog and a cat

Pets in Care Homes

Investigating the implications of separating older people from companion animals when they move to a residential care home or other care setting.

ConnecteDNA Black and white photo of a crowd of people. The word 'Connected' in white text and the letters 'DNA' in orange


Donor Conception in the Age of Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing. A UKRI-funded collaboration between researchers at five universities.