Illustration of holding hands on a yellow background. Black text reads 'Lives on Hold: Our Stories Told'

Research Projects

Regulation of Dog Rescue A photo of a dog wrapped in a blanket sleeping.

Regulation of Dog Rescue

A legal toolkit for Northern Ireland - Professor Marie Fox & Dr Sarah Singh.



Liverpool Law Clinic's work on assisting people who are stateless or at risk of statelessness.

Criminal Synergies A photo of Sean Columb interviewing an organ trafficker in a damp looking room

Criminal Synergies: People Smuggling and the Organ Trade in North Africa

The ‘Criminal Synergies’ research project explores migrant routes into and out of North Africa and its extra-legal service industry.

Lives on Hold: Our Stories Told Yellow graphic with an illustration of two holding hands plus black text that reads 'Lives on Hold. Our Stories Told.'

'Lives on Hold: Our Stories Told' - The Legal and Social Impacts of Covid-19 on Young Unaccompanied Asylum-Seekers in the UK

This interdisciplinary research provides the first detailed study of the effects of the legal and welfare impacts of Covid-19 on unaccompanied asylum seekers aged 16 – 25.

An Uphill Struggle: Securing Legal Status for Victims and Survivors of Trafficking Two research reports against a backdrop of piles of paperwork

An Uphill Struggle: Securing Legal Status for Victims and Survivors of Trafficking

Dr Samantha Currie, Senior Lecturer at Liverpool Law School, and Johanna Bezzano, In-house Solicitor and Lecturer at Liverpool Law Clinic, have published a research report which examines the impact of legal representation on victims and survivors of trafficking.

ESCR Peacebuilding

Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and Sustaining Peace

Developing New Insights into Peacebuilding - Dr Amanda Cahill-Ripley.

Pets in Care Homes Pets in Care Homes logo featuring an illustration of a dog and a cat

Pets in Care Homes

Investigating the implications of separating older people from companion animals when they move to a residential care home or other care setting.

ConnecteDNA Black and white photo of a crowd of people. The word 'Connected' in white text and the letters 'DNA' in orange


Donor Conception in the Age of Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing. A UKRI-funded collaboration between researchers at five universities.