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Research clusters

Liverpool Law School's eleven research clusters, networks, and units provide focal points for collaboration in different areas of social, legal, and political research. Through them our academic researchers can share ideas, develop projects, gain peer support, access broader networks, and organise seminars and conferences. 

Staff members and PhD students can belong to multiple clusters, as can collaborators from across the University and beyond.

Clusters provide the framework for delivering postgraduate research supervision and support, with students fully integrated into projects.

Charity Law & Policy Unit 5 people lying on the grass in a star shape.

Charity Law and Policy Unit (CLPU)

CLPU carries out research into the legal issues facing charities and third sector organisations, often with a strong empirical element and leading to proposals for legal and regulatory reform, which have made important contributions to policy change in this field.

Corporations, Law, and Society People walking across a zebra crossing.

Corporations, Law, and Society (CLAS)

The Corporations, Law, and Society research unit brings together academics, researchers, policy-shapers and corporate experts to rethink the key legal principles and assumptions governing the relationship between corporations and society.

Critical Approaches to International Criminal Law Barbed wire

Critical Approaches to International Criminal Law (CAICL)

International criminal law has become one of the most prominent aspects of international law. The International Criminal Court and other tribunals have captured the imagination of the public, and international criminal justice has become a much commented-upon scholarly topic.

EU Law at Liverpool European flag.

EU Law at Liverpool

Committed to driving forward a critical understanding of the European Union, EU Law at Liverpool offers a broad range of expertise across diverse areas of EU law and policy alongside significant impact, knowledge exchange, and public engagement activity as regards EU constitutional and institutional law.

European Children's Rights Unit A line of children wearing wellies.

European Children's Rights Unit (ECRU)

ECRU is a research-intensive cluster that covers a broad range of children’s rights areas, including immigration and asylum, children’s rights in the legal process, special educational needs and exclusions, criminal justice and Brexit.

European Criminal Law Academic Network European Criminal Law Academic Network logo with the School of Law and Social Justice building in the background

European Criminal Law Academic Network (ECLAN)

Liverpool Law School co-ordinates ECLAN together with the Université Libre de Bruxelles and the University of Luxembourg. The network brings together academics from 32 countries from Europe and beyond.

Feminist Legal Research and Action Network Colourful mural of women

Feminist Legal Research and Action Network (FRAN)

Building on the history of the Feminist Legal Research Unit at the University of Liverpool, we are a group of legal scholars who take an intersectional approach to feminist research, teaching and scholarship.

Health Law and Regulation Unit Someone doing yoga

Health Law and Regulation Unit (HLRU)

HLRU brings together a range of experts pursuing impactful research into current legal, regulatory and policy dilemmas in healthcare, including areas such as medical malpractice, patient capacity and consent, reproduction, research ethics, and mental health.

International Law and Human Rights Unit A paper chain of people

International Law and Human Rights Unit (ILHRU)

ILHRU provides a hub for researchers who coalesce around a number of themes including European System of Human Rights Protection; Conflict, Post-Conflict and Security; International Courts and Tribunals; Law of the Global Economy; Migration; Minority Protection; Self-Determination and Natural Resources.

Law & Non Communicable Diseases A light blue background with lady liberty in the foreground

Law & Non-Communicable Diseases Unit

The Law & NCD Unit conducts research into how legal instruments can be used as tools for the prevention of NCDs, and how robust evidence-based policy interventions can be designed to support effective prevention of NCD risk factors including unhealthy diets, alcohol and tobacco.

Liverpool Public Law Unit Skyscrapers in London

Liverpool Public Law Unit (LPLU)

LPLU draws together wide-ranging expertise in public law, in and between global, European and UK contexts. This unit focuses on analyses of institutional power, theory, and multi-level governance. It covers traditional realms of public law, but also explores how other areas of law can regulate public life, and what constitutes public law and why, exploring Marxist, critical and feminist perspectives.