Our services

We provide legal advice for family, special educational needs and certain types of immigration cases. Advice is provided by our solicitors, assisted by law students from the University of Liverpool Law Clinic. Our students have been trained in confidentiality and have signed our confidentiality agreement before taking part in this project.

We do not charge clients for our services of advice and representation, nor for interpreting fees.  Costs payable to others (for example, Home Office application fees) are our clients’ responsibility, and we will discuss these before incurring expenses.  We have a small fund for exceptional costs where the client cannot afford an essential fee.

The Law Clinic does not have a legal aid contract.  If we think that a client is eligible for legal aid, we will advise them and signpost to a suitable advice service.

All of our qualified solicitors are regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority. Students are supervised by qualified solicitors, receive training in confidentiality and sign contracts agreeing to abide by the Code of Conduct for Solicitors while they are volunteering in the Law Clinic.

The Law Clinic is fully insured. Details of the insurance can be requested by email.

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