Direct Entry

These pages are dedicated to students on the 1+2 or 2+1 UK Universities Transfer Degree Programme. We look forward to welcoming you in Liverpool and supporting the completion of your studies.

We have some exceptionally able students who transfer to Liverpool in order to complete their LLB degree studies. We aim to make that transition as smooth as possible so that you can focus on your studies and integrate into the school. At the same time it is important that you enjoy your studies and the Liverpool experience.

These dedicated pages are intended to assist you as you plan your transfer to the UK. There is specific information regarding, for example the Liverpool Law Department Scholarship scheme, the application process and entry requirements for either years 2 or 3 entry, the application and allocation of accommodation in Liverpool, the support structure within the School and the University, etc. Please do look at the information carefully but do note the information here is only of the general guidance and advice we give. So do look at the SLSJ, and the Law Departmental home pages which will provide further information.

Meanwhile, if you need any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact: Clare Kelly (