Module Selection

You will be given a copy of the Student Handbook which will give you the information you need to familiarise yourself with the Law School and its procedures and personnel. Since you are not entering Year 1 there are some extra matters to be dealt with. In particular, you need to choose your optional subjects as outlined in our Law Direct Entry Final Year Module Guide 2024-25 (PDF).

You should consider your choices very carefully as it will not be possible to change your mind once teaching has started.

Module registration will take place in Welcome Week at a Direct Entry Student Module Selection Event, so you will not be required to make your choices online before then. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Clare Kelly for further information or advice.

Direct Entry into Year 2

In Year 2, all subjects are mandatory and will be pre-selected for you, as follows:

  • LAW209 Law of Tort
  • LAW211 Equity and Trusts
  • LAW013 Law of the European Union 1
  • LAW014 Law of the European Union 2
  • LAW242 Land Law
  • LAW212 Law and Social Justice
Direct Entry into Year 3

In Year 3, all subjects are optional. You may not study any subject already studied, or one similar to ones already studied.

The following must be studied if you wish to have a degree which will enable you to do the Bar exams in the UK:

  • LAW313 European Union Law 1
  • LAW314 European Union Law 2

NB: if you do not need or want a UK Qualifying Law degree because you plan to qualify elsewhere, we do not insist that you do European Law. You must ensure that you meet the requirements of your home country’s professional bodies.


Certificate in Legal Practice

The Malasian Bar All matters pertaining to the qualifications and requirements for admission to the Malasian Bar.

BUT if you have not already studied any of the ‘core’ subjects, including Equity you MUST do so. The same is true for Land Law, which you must study if you have not already done so.

You should note that different modules have different methods of teaching delivery.