Intercalation stories

Current students and established doctors share why they chose to intercalate and what the experience means to them.

Student-Profile-Alastair-Patefield man standing in snowy field at sunset

Alastair's story

"The biggest reason a student doctor should intercalate is because you can explore an interest of yours in a lot more detail. For me that was ophthalmology and that will really benefit me going forward when I'm applying to specialty"


Lisa's story

Lisa Roche intercalated in BSc Pharmacology at the University of Liverpool. “I think one of the most worthwhile things that I've acquired might be the self-discipline that you get by having to manage your own schedule.”

Student-Profile-Shantanu-Kundu man in black shirt with light feature

Shantanu's story

"I chose the ACE course because I felt I wanted to build up my emergency medicine skills, learn more about A&E and how that works and with a specific focus, probably not quite commonly, on mental health."

Pooja Patel Image of student doctor Pooja Patel in a restaurant

Pooja's story

"It’s a great opportunity to learn something new and push yourself outside your comfort zone. Intercalation can open many doors when you start to consider applying for jobs and can guide your decision to specialise."

Will Jacobs Student doctor Will Jacobs with the coast in the background

Will's story

"An extra year to your studies isn’t a decision to be taken lightly and it’s one that requires time and research so you are clear on why you wish to intercalate and what you want to get out of it. The learning opportunities are there to be had."

Victoria Tippett

Victoria's story

Now a Respiratory Medicine Consultant at Aintree University Hospital, Dr. Tippett chose to intercalate during her medical degree and earn an additional Healthcare, Ethics and Law BSc. " had important developmental and life experiences, starting over and connecting with people from a whole range of different walks of life - it led on to important things for me".

Charlotte Eva woman presents at conference in front of large screen

Charlotte's story

Charlotte completed an MRes in Emergency Care. "Completing the Masters has made me more confident in analysing papers and writing research of my own, which you will go on to do in most speciality training."

Natasha Varshney

Natasha's story

Natasha completed an Clinical Sciences MRes, before returning to complete her undergraduate course. "I know I want a career that combines academic work with clinical work, and Liverpool gave me the opportunity to earn my Masters during my undergraduate studies".

Janie Bamforth Janie Bamforth outside the Metropolitan Cathedral in graduation cap and gown

Janie's story

Janie Bamforth intercalated in LLM Law, Medicine and Healthcare. "I undertook an intercalated degree to broaden my skills, develop new ways of learning and research topics of interest in further depth."

James Young

James' story

"I chose to intercalate in Anatomy - which for a GP may seem a strange decision but I thoroughly enjoyed it! I don't know anyone who regrets the decision to intercalate. I use the skills I learned every day".

Glen Munday Glen Munday presenting his research at a conference

Glen's story

Glen J. Munday completed an MSc in Acute, Critical and Emergency Medicine. "I realised just how important it is for junior doctors to be proficient in clinical research, no matter the specialty".