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We are committed to providing our student doctors with the essential knowledge, skills and values required for a confident and successful medical career.

This page is currently under review.  Please check this page for updated guidance in September prior to placing any application for entry to the A100 programme for 2023.


Medicine and Surgery MBChB A100

Successful applicants to the School of Medicine come from a wide range of backgrounds, but all demonstrate the potential for a thoughtful, caring and compassionate approach to medical practice, and for the motivation and academic excellence to benefit from, and contribute to, the School. The School supports a number of initiatives aimed at widening participation to our programmes including Merseyside Young Medics and Destination Medicine.  Further details can be found here.

The Medical Schools Council has published a number of resources to support applications to medical school. These can be accessed here. The Admissions team advises applicants, at a minimum, to read the statement on the core values and attributes needed to study medicine and the guidance on gaining relevant work experience to study medicine.

Medicine and Surgery MBChB A100 Entry 2023: Important Information

  • Accepted applicants must be 18 years old by the 1st October in the year of entry to the programme.
  • Programme duration 5 years.
  • Term usually starts in late September for most applicants.
  • Potential applicants must read our Medicine Departmental Supplement to the Admissions Policy 2023 - currently under review. This document provides detailed information on how we will process your application. Any changes made to our policy as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic or other events which are out with our control will be reflected on our website.
  • Applicants are invited to consider if they need to provide additional information via our School of Medicine: Applicant on-line form. Please consult our Departmental Supplement. The form will be available on our web-site from 1st September 2022. Note that the majority of applicants are expected to have been affected by the COVID pandemic and this cannot be submitted as extenuating circumstances.
  • Applicants should submit their applications via UCAS by the 15th October 2022 and all applicant on-line forms must be received by October the 24th October 2022 at 8.30am.
  • The A100 programme accepts applications from graduates, including dentists who wish to pursue a career in maxillofacial surgery. Medicine and Surgery MBChB A101 for graduate entry medicine has been withdrawn for 2023 entry. For applicants interested in applying specifically to a graduate entry medicine programme you will find a list of courses for graduates listed in ‘Entry requirements for UK medical schools’.
  • Applicants intending to apply as graduate applicants to our A100 programme are advised that information relevant to funding your study can be found here.
  • Foundation to Human and Animal Health Professions (Medicine route) is a Health Sciences programme which can lead to progression to year 1 of the A100 programme. Potential applicants are advised to consult the webpage and all relevant information on the medicine pages. Please note that entry is competitive and meeting the minimum GCSE criteria does not mean that you are guaranteed an interview. Additionally if previous qualifications you have studied mean that if you are considered eligible to place an A100 application (even if not competitive) then an application is unlikely to be successful. Applicants are thus advised to consult our A100 guidelines. This is particularly important if you are a graduate. Applicants with concerns about their eligibility should contact or in the first instance.
  • A100 applicants are advised to read our Frequently Asked Questions.


Further details on our process can be found in our Liverpool Departmental Supplement.

  • Liverpool Departmental Supplement Entry 2023 is currently under review.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Admissions Tests

All non-graduate applicants applying to the A100 programme are required to sit the United Kingdom Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT).

Graduate applicants applying to A100 will need to sit the Graduate Medical School Admissions Test (GAMSAT).  

Details of how these tests are used can be found within our Liverpool Departmental Supplement - currently under review for 2023

Applicants must also meet the General Medical Council requirements for student doctors and demonstrate that they have completed work experience in a healthcare setting.


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Further Notes for Applicants for Entry 2023

Further notes for Applicants for Entry 2023