The School and University offer advice and resources to support both students and staff in their wellbeing and other matters.

Staff health and wellbeing resources

As part of the School of Medicine family, we recognise our staff need to be supported in all aspects of wellbeing in order to grow and flourish at work. The University is committed to ensuring that staff have a safe, healthy and enjoyable place to work, including free access to our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), offering a range of services including counselling.

If you have any wellbeing issues or questions about support available, please do not hesitate to reach out to your Line Manager, a preferred colleague at the School, or the Wellbeing team to learn more about the many programmes and resources available.

Directing students to wellbeing resources

Support is available for students when they need it. Know where to direct them so they can access the resources available and contact the team that is best placed to offer help. 

Wellbeing Support

The School has its own dedicated Wellbeing team that understands the unique experience of studing on the MBChB programme. They provide individual appointments, support over the phone or by email, and are on hand at important times such as during the assessment season or on results day. They also run wellbeing focused events and activities throughout the academic year. 

  • Direct students to the Wellbeing area (link) of the student intranet

Academic Support

Every student is supported by an Academic Advisor throghout the course, as well as having the opportunity to attend study skills sessions, organised by the University Library, along with study sessions and peer to peer teaching initiatives.

  • Direct students to the Academic support (link) page of the student intranet

Financial Support

There are a number of different funding opportunities available to students to support them in their studies and while on placement. 

Library & Resources

The University of Liverpool Library provides plenty of study opportunities, both in person and online, as well as specialist resources for student doctors. 

Sharing Concerns

We offer a variety of support options for students, and we ask that you please report all concerns about a student, however small.

Peer mentoring

Student doctors have the chance to be a part of different mentoring schemes to provide or benefit from the support of peers. These include the School's own scheme, that of the University or of various medical Societies. 

  • Direct students to the Mentor Schemes (link) page of the student intranet


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    Reasonable adjustments

    Any measures put in place to remove barriers that student face due to a disability. Reasonable adjustments are recommended if a student has a student support plan registered with the School of Medicine. Examples of reasonable adjustments made in placement include; reducing where possible the amount of time a student is required to stand or walk, the use of an amplified stethoscope, allowing additional time to read and respond for students with specific learning difficulty. We will transfer information about reasonable adjustments ahead of a student’s placement.

    Transfer of information

    Transfer of information (TOI) describes the process where the School Wellbeing Team will outline to placement sites in advance any students that may require extra support. The School transfer mandatory, minimum information in the form of a code for all students with; a student support plan for disability, those with significant health issues, significant wellbeing support, returning students and significant professionalism and attendance concerns.

    Students have an option to transfer more in the form of a short paragraph to better describe their needs. Currently the TOI also highlights students who have an increased risk from Covid and who have an Occupational Health plan available on request. If sites are aware of any students that require extra support, this should be flagged to the School Wellbeing Team.

    Wellbeing Team (Welfare and Support of Studies)

    An informal support service based in the School of Medicine providing support and advice on a wide range of health, education, finance and wellbeing concerns. The service links directly to other University services including Mental Health Liaison Service (MHAS), Counselling Service, Disability Team, International Team, Money advice and Guidance. Students can book directly or be referred by AA, year lead, progress panel or placement. If sites are aware of any students that require extra support, this should be flagged to the School Wellbeing Team.