Admissions Process

Full details of our admissions process for entry in 2025 can be found within our A100 and A101 Departmental Supplement to the Admissions Policy.


Personal Statement

Applicants to the A100 and A101 programmes (including the OMFS route) will not routinely have their personal statements or academic references assessed as part of the decision to invite them to interview. We do however reserve the right to use the information submitted to support academic selection when necessary and the information relevant to a personal statement is likely to be considered as part of the interview process.  Information in academic references may be used to support claims of extenuating circumstances but applicants will be required to declare these, and provide evidence, via our applicant on-line form.


Applicant On-Line Form

Applicants are invited to consider if they need to provide additional information via our School of Medicine: Applicant on-line form. Please consult the relevant Departmental Supplement for the programme you are applying to. Note that the majority of applicants are expected to have been affected by the COVID pandemic and this cannot be submitted as extenuating circumstances.



The University of Liverpool’s School of Medicine admissions process is fully in line with the General Medical Council’s Selecting for Excellence Report and Values Based Recruitment. Therefore, it is usual that no candidate will be made an offer without interview. For the E2025 admissions cycle, we expect to offer on-campus face-to-face Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs) to home students and on-line MMIs for international students.  The type of interview offered will be decided (on-campus/on-line) by the admissions team and home students should not expect an on-line interview to be made available to them.  Interviews are currently expected to run on weekdays from the 20th January to 7th February with the on-line interviews potentially scheduled for the 6th and 7th February. If invited to interview further details will be provided. This information may be subject to change.


If you have any further queries please contact: