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Hundreds of student doctors have set up and take part in societies and all the great work and activities that go along with them. Find the society that works for you!

Medical Student Societies by Specialty | A - Z


AcaMedics Liverpool

AcaMedics Liverpool is part of the wider AcaMedics network and runs a number of research projects across the academic year. 

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Anaesthetics and Critical Care Society

Anaesthetics is the largest hospital specialty within the NHS and comes into contact with all aspects of in patients care. Additionally to the traditional perioperative role anaesthetists are also involved in other disciplines such as obstetrics, emergency medicine, pain management, intensive care and pre-hospital care. As a society we aim to inform medical students about a career in anaesthetics and how to improve their potential as competitive applicants to speciality training.

We organise lectures, workshops and teaching sessions led by trained clinicians and senior medical students to help educate you in the field of anaesthetics and spark an interest in a rewarding speciality.

20/21 President: James Turnbull

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Aviation and Space Medicine Society (LASMS)

How do humans cope in the most extreme environment of all: space? What are the implications of flying on your unwell patients? Aviation and space medicine may seem like a niche speciality, but aspects of it affect us all the time. With nearly 4 billion people flying every year and with the development of commercial space flights, this field will need more and more innovative minds. It can lead to exciting and unique careers in medicine, working alongside any speciality you may decide upon.

LASMS aims to provide fascinating lectures, workshops and conferences from leading experts in the field. We’ll also guide you towards the many opportunities available. Last year, a student attended a week-long course at the European Space Agency (all expenses paid!). We also entered a team in the Student Aerospace Challenge, giving students a chance to present their research at a conference in France.

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Cardiovascular and Thoracic Society

Liverpool Cardiovascular and Thoracic Society is an educational society set up aimed to support the Liverpool medical students with cardiovascular and thoracic medicine and surgery.

We aim to represent and support all Liverpool medical students as well as those with primary interest in cardiovascular and thoracic medicine. To achieve this aim, we will work with senior doctors in relevant fields to deliver regular lectures, career advice, opportunities for networking, research, and workshops to students

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Dermatology Society (DermSoc)

DermSoc is all about introducing the university community to the world of dermatology! We will be holding numerous regular events throughout the year, targeted to a range of individuals.

Join us at conferences that feature talks from professionals in the field, or take part in different workshops to learn important skills such as suturing. As well as this, there will be career talks, revision days and practice communication and clinical skills circuits tailored to medical students. We also aim to involve the wider community by featuring talks from people with stigmatized skin conditions, as well as having Q&A sessions with clinicians who can answer your dermatology-related questions!

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Endocrinology Society (LivEndoSoc)

Whether you’re covering neurology or urology, you can be sure that endocrinology will play a part in your studies. It’s a topic that is basically a part of every block you will study, so it’s crucial to keep on top of it – that’s where LivEndoSoc comes in.

LivEndoSoc caters for all years through focused revision sessions.  We'll cover all things endocrine (the brain, liver, pancreas, stomach etc) and provide you with the concise notes you need for your revision.

During the year we also plan to host talks delivered by clinicians with expertise in topics such as diabetes and heart disease. Hopefully, all years will find something for them at LivEndoSoc and we're always looking for new members to join!

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Gastrointestinal society

The gastrointestinal system is one of the most important in the body. Multifaceted, intricate and extensive structures are found throughout the GI tract and therefore there are so many different, cool and interesting things to learn about.

For example did you know that the gut has a brain of its own? (It has 5 times more neurons in its nervous system than the spinal cord). Or that there is more serotonin in the gut than anywhere else!? If you’re hungry for more, join us and come to our teaching sessions and talks from professionals to feed your brain with a banquet of knowledge!

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GP Soc

The GP Society is a student-led society that has a passion for promoting awareness of the endless opportunities associated with a career in general practice. Voted 'GP Society of the Year' by RCGP for two consecutive years, the society is respected on a national level.

The society holds a tonne of events every year and are best known for hosting a yearly Medical Sign Language, Medical Spanish and Minor Surgery events. In addition, the society provides weekly teaching from 5th Years, conferences, lectures by guest speakers, OSCE and history taking sessions, all with the aim of supporting medical students throughout their medical school careers. The society prides itself on being inclusive and friendly, with all students welcome - whether they are aspiring GPs or not!

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Haematology Soc

Haematology is a unique subject within the medical curriculum. Our society promotes interest, through lectures and other events, on haematological principles, cancers and interesting disorders.

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Liv Psych

Psychiatry is a unique and fascinating medical specialty. It concerns potentially abstract concepts like mood, cognition and perception. It asks that we employ heightened skills in language and perception, as well as powers of deduction and reasoning. It can show us see sides of people that we didn't know could exist. With the emergence of mental health as a matter of high priority on the national agenda, and with increasing awareness of the importance of both clinical and sub-clinical psychiatry, the specialty is more important than ever.

With this in mind, LivPsych seeks to: Help medical students interested in pursuing psychiatry as a career to learn more about the specialty and gain valuable experience for their portfolios. Support our peers academically to pass their exams and to cope with psychiatry placements. Engage with the whole student body to help inspire and engage those in subjects related to mental health. Facilitate conversations about mental health especially in relation to current events. Help reduce stigma related to mental health

We also hope to help to support students' mental health throughout their time at Liverpool, as well as to fundraise for local charities that enable this support across the wider community.

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Liverpool Acute, Critical and Emergency Society (LACES)

We are a society that aims to bring together all aspects of acute, critical and emergency medicine and deliver regular teaching and workshops to interested students across all years of medicine. We are open to all students and aim to improve awareness of first aid and basic life support, relevant to university life. 

We will work with takeAIM and SAM to encourage and promote careers in the field, as well as engaging in charity activities. We aim to act as the bridging point between the student body and the school of medicine with regards to the upcoming ‘Acute and Critical Care’ intercalation course.

20/21 President: Vanya Dimitrova

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Liverpool Lifestyle Medicine Society (LLMS)

‘From cell to community!' Lifestyle Medicine is an established approach that focuses on improving the health and wellbeing of individuals, as well as populations. It incorporates the extensive and highly variable components underpinning modern healthcare practices, whilst recognising the much deeper concept of being a human being; thus creating a society and environment which nurtures health longevity.

It requires an understanding and culmination of the physical, emotional, environmental and social determinants of disease; hence the importance of engaging with the patients and within the limits of evidence-based medicine, with the end result hopefully of a 'health and wellbeing sweet-spot'. All of this enables the individual to be in control of their future health! Liverpool is at the start of a health revolution.

In November 2014, NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group published 'Healthy Liverpool: Prospectus for Change'; this document outlined the vision for change in the city. This document mirrored the objectives of Lifestyle Medicine, highlighting 'True transformation of health in Liverpool will be dependent upon people taking more responsibility for their own health.' whilst also noting that issues faced locally (and nationally!) '...can be tackled most effectively by helping people to remain healthy for longer'. A pragmatic approach and incorporation of multiple disciplines is required for this to work, as no individual profession can meet our health needs.

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Liverpool Clinical Anatomy Society

The Clinical Anatomy society is for medical and dental students who have interests in gaining a deeper knowledge into the anatomy of the human body. With help from senior students of both courses we plan to set up a teaching timetable to cover all the main topics.

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Liverpool Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (OMFS) Society

LivMaxFax, is a vibrant, exciting society that hosts a wide array of events: from teaching sessions to bespoke talks on anatomy, second degrees and career prospects. OMFS is a surgical specialty that requires its trainees and consultants to be dually qualified in both medicine and dentistry. The society aims to give medical and dental undergraduates up-to-date information about pathways, and provide them with networking opportunities with trainees and consultants for guidance on the pathways

We welcome both medical and dental students to join as members of our society. We send out regular emails and information about our events to our members. 

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Liverpool Research Society

Liverpool Research Society is aimed at promoting research for medical students. Research is an integral part of clinical practice and important for your future life as a clinician. Through our events, we hope to be able to aid your skills in poster presenting, analysing statistics and giving you tips on how to get ahead with research.  All this culminates with our annual student conference, with inspiring talks on a wide spectrum of topics at the cutting edge of research. You will also be able to put your skills into practice, by presenting an academic poster! We look forward to seeing you there!

20/21 President: Joe Wood

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Liverpool Pre-Hospital and Emergency Medicine (LivPHEM)

The Liverpool Pre-Hospital and Emergency Medicine Society (LivPHEM) aims to give its members early exposure and experience in pre-hospital and emergency medicine.  We achieve this through a variety of engagements throughout the year hosted by experienced healthcare professionals. We aim to make being a member useful for your progress, whether you are a medical student, allied health professional or someone with an interest in pre-hospital and emergency medicine.

Through a schedule of lectures, workshops and more, we aim to help you progress in your interests by giving you access to the valuable ideas, skills and experiences of practitioners in the field.  Above all, this society is an opportunity to meet likeminded people, make friends and expand your horizons! Everyone is welcome, from any degree, at any stage. Join our society now for exclusive discounts on events and support throughout your exams, you can also get involved on Facebook and Instagram or email us with any questions!

20/21 President:Ellen Crick

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LivPlast is a society dedicated to providing interesting and interactive teaching around the subject of Plastic Surgery. We aim to provide this teaching to fulfil each individuals’ interests in this specialty, as well as to highlight the importance of any plastics team, given that this is rarely taught within the medical school curriculum.

20/21 Co-Presidents: Karishma and Chris 

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First year is an amazing year where you begin your journey to become doctor. It is filled with many exciting opportunities that enrich your university life as well as a few challenges that develop you as a person. Starting off in medical school, many first years can be filled with questions regarding the course: which books should I buy? How much detail do I need to know? How do I make notes? MedEd is one of the oldest medical society in the University, and we are here to answer these questions and help get through this year.

MedEd is a society are comprised of students from all year groups of the medical school. We have designed and planned a programme of teaching that will aid your in your studies. We plan to conduct regular sessions to tackle the topics that students find difficult, as well as drop in session in which students can come to clarify any doubts they may have. Starting of the year we hope to see you in our introductory talk in which we will be going through the most frequently asked questions as well as giving you tips you need to sail through your first year.

During this we will be sharing with you detail on how to access our Dropbox that contain high yield revision notes on several topics as well as our question bank. Alongside the academic support that we provide you, we will also be conducting an undergraduate conference that gives you the opportunity to learn about how to further develop your career in medicine and further pursue you interests.

20/21 President: Allen Roby

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Medical Therapeutics Society (Tx Soc)

A medical society providing education, thought-provoking talks and succinct study resources about all things Therapeutics (Tx). Members will benefit from early notifications on our talks as well as access to resources produced and shared by us. Join our community of students striving for the best in all things Tx: must-know Drug and prescribing knowledge, Pharmaceutical Management 101s, as well as talks on drug intoxication applicable to emergency care.

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Menstrual Education Society

Menstrual Education Society goes into schools in the Merseyside area in order to educate girls and boys about menstrual health, with the aim of reducing absenteeism of girls, and so allowing them to reach their full academic potential, as well as abolishing the repressive taboo surrounding periods. The society also holds events inviting external speakers to deliver talks surrounding the topic in developing countries. We are a very friendly society and everyone is welcome to join.

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NeuroSoc is a medical society which caters to those interested in the neurosciences, as well as those students who find neurology and neurosurgery difficult. Throughout the year we will be running supplementary neurology and neurosurgery lectures, from essential neuroanatomy to clinical cases for medical finals. These educational sessions will cater to students of all years. We will also be running revision sessions for both OSCEs and written examinations later in the year. We hope to see you at our many events throughout the year!

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Occupational Therapy (LOTS)

We are the Liverpool Occupational Therapy Society. We welcome all fellow trainee occupational therapists and anyone interested in the nature of occupational therapy within the health care setting. Our aim is to integrate like-minded students together to enjoy social, educational and charitable events throughout the year. We link with other healthcare related societies to network between professions.

We celebrate our course through annual events so that all students have time to network as well as enjoy themselves separate to such an intense academic course. Whether you want to connect socially with other occupational therapists, get involved in raising money for different charities or get together for educational opportunities, gatherings or speeches connected to the practice of occupational therapy, join the society for just a small £5 p/year fee and join our community!

20/21 President: Jason Lung 

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Oncology Society

The society's aim is to support and represent medical students with an interest in surgical and medical oncology. To try and and realise this aim we will be offering basic science and clinical tutorials as well as opportunities for careers advice from specialists in the field.

20/21 President: Rachel Smithers.

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Ophthalmology Society (LivOpSoc)

The Ophthalmology Society hopes to provide exposure, teaching and advice about ophthalmology as a subject and specialty. For this exceedingly competitive specialty early interest is key. By joining this society and availing of the taster days and revision days we hold you will be showing your early interest.

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Orthopaedic and Trauma Society (LOTSoc)

We are a society dedicated to celebrating all that is Trauma and Orthopaedics. From hosting teaching sessions; helping you prepare for OSCEs and written exams, to hosting conferences and advertising larger conferences, to help you find out more about the exciting world of T&O. We are here to help you make the most of your time here in Liverpool, whether it’s giving you a boost towards your career in T&O or just building your knowledge in this area.

We have revamped the Liverpool Orthopaedics and Trauma Society (LOTS) this year to bring you a variety of teaching sessions relevant to learning objectives set by the university to solidify your learning and expand it further in the T&O world. This year we have planned LOTS more for everyone to get involved in, such as: Plastering workshops, OSCE clinical examinations. Finals lecture series and  Practical anatomy sessions. There will also be opportunities to get involved in research with consultants at the various Liverpool hospitals and start building a strong portfolio for surgical applications in the future

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OSCE Society

Liverpool OSCE society aims to provide a comfortable and relaxed environment for medical students of all years to practice and polish their clinical skills, especially in preparation for end-of-year medical school OSCE exams. These sessions will be supervised by clinicians and senior medical students.

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Paediatric Society

Now entering it's 8th year, Liverpool Paediatrics Society has grown into one of the most active medical societies within the University. It aims to continue it's now well-established revision days and lecture series, helping medical students of all years to enhance their knowledge and skills for exams. It also showcases the best paediatrics within Liverpool with their official link with Alder Hey Children's Hospital, the highlight of which is the Annual Paediatrics Conference.

We have also set up two volunteering schemes for students to get involved in starting this year, a bedside play scheme linked with Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and a volunteer teaching opportunity. Each year, the society chooses two paediatric specific charities to support through our academic and fund-raising specific events. As the society continues to evolve this year, we welcome anyone with a keen interest in paediatrics and hope we can help them reach their potential.

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Radiology Society (LivRadSoc) 

Radiology will play an integral part in your medical studies. The topic is present in most blocks therefore its vital to have a thorough understanding of it.  Radiology society covers anatomy and medical imaging, which is used to diagnose and treat diseases within the human body. We plan to deliver revision sessions, posted by experienced students who have gone through the exam process, to provide a directed and concise teaching approach.

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Rheumatology Society

Hey everyone! Liverpool Rheumatology Society is a brand-new society and is dedicated solely to Rheumatology.  Rheumatology is a medical speciality that deals with joints, connective tissues and autoimmune conditions in children and adults. It’s full of weird and wonderful diseases and is one of the most rapidly developing areas of medicine! We are here to highlight this fascinating speciality as a career and to facilitate teaching for student doctors from the vast expertise of local health professionals we have here in Liverpool. We’ve got lots planned for our first year including practical examination skills workshops, core case revision sessions and chances for you to get involved in the committee itself in a whole host of positions.

20/21 President: Sean Gill

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Student Neonatal Obstetrics and Gynaecology Society (SNOGS)

SNOGS are a medical society dedicated to teaching and raising awareness on Women’s health. Throughout the year, the society runs small and larger group teaching sessions aimed at 3rd and 4th year medical students mostly. These events are hugely popular and we receive great feedback about our high standards of teaching and interactive sessions.

The society are really friendly group in different year groups who all share a love for Women’s health, together we run charity events and over recent years have organised a highly successful conference focussing on global women’s health issues.

We will continue to run our SNOGS in schools programme which gives students an opportunity to work with SNOGS to do mini teaches on Women’s health topics to local school groups. This gives students opportunity to get involved with SNOGS and the local community and we are proud to have so many members participate in this.

20/21 President: Rebecca Nagar 

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Surgical Scousers 

"The surgeon should have the heart of a lion, the eye of an eagle and the hand of a lady."

Ever wondered how the heart is transplanted? How the large bowel can be resected through a keyhole incision? How the fibula can be reconstructed to replace the jaw?

Liverpool Surgical Society or as you may know it, 'Surgical Scousers', aims to deliver the knowledge, skills and support to prepare medical students for a career in surgery. Lectures, Suturing workshops, Conferences, and Surgical mentors. We’ve got you covered.

20/21 Co-Presidents: Ashraf Shaik and Alex Sokal

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