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Led by the Director of  Clinical Skills, OSCE and Simulation, Mrs Helen Box and OSCE Lead, Mrs Cathy Carr, the team from the School of Medicine's Clinical Skills Teaching and Learning Centre facilitate OSCEs for Years 2-5 of the MBChB Programme.

Working closely with Mrs Collier, Director of Assessment & Feedback, the team works to ensure the validity, reliability, and fairness of the OSCEs working alongside Dr Natalie Harrington who leads the station development team,  overseeing the creation, development and implementation of stations. The Professional Services team led by Miss Hannah Crossman oversee the examiner and volunteer patient recruitment and training processes.

The OSCE team are supported by a wider team of Clinical Skills Lecturers and support staff who are on hand at each exam to offer support to both examiners and candidates. They will guide you through the registration and briefing process upon arrival, after which you will be introduced to one of the clinical team who will be allocated as your point of contact to answer any station related questions.

We also have technical support on hand from our IT team at each exam.

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Clinical Assessment Team (OSCE) Key Contact Details

Helen Box
Director of Clinical Skills, OSCE & Simulation

Cathy Carr
Deputy Director of Clinical Skills & OSCE Lead

Hannah Crossman
Clinical Skills Team Leader, Examiner Recruitment Team

Kristal Clark
Examiner Recruitment Team

Natalie Harrington
Clinical Assessment Station and Standardised Patient Lead

Abbie Keogh
Volunteer Patient Recruitment