Organising an Event

Keep up to date with the latest activities and follow these pointers if you would like to put on an event yourself.

Organising an event

If you are interested in putting on an event yourself, whether it be for staff or students, we invite you to get in touch with and the team can support you in its planning and delivery.

Before doing so, use the handy checklist below to set out some parameters for the event and start the planning process.

Event planning checklist

  1. Event topic and objective: What will your event be about and what do you want it to achieve. What will attendees know or do differently after having attended?
  2. Event audience: linked to the above, who would you like to reach with this event. Staff, students or both? Is everyone welcome or is more of a closed group/niche activity? If it is for students, which year groups it is suitable for? Is there a maximum number of guests permitted?
  3. Event date and time: this will depend on the availability of your presenters, but should also take into account students timetable (where applicable) and other events. Check the Med Extra (link) and Staff Events (link) calendars to check what else is on and avoid overlap.
  4. Event location: this part will differ quite significantly if it is an online event you wish to host, or an in-person event. For in-person events at this time, it is important to adhere to COVID safety measures, including social distancing, mask wearing and COVID testing before attending. The Med Event team can advise on steps to take to book a room on campus and have the event approved by the School Risk team.
  5. Event key contacts: who is responsible for the event? Who will be presenting or contributing to the event? Make sure these roles are clear so everyone knows the area they are responsible for.
  6. Event extras: Will your event be catered? Will attendees be provided with any materials or gifts? Is there any pre-work required? How will content be shared before, during and after the event?
  7. Event publicity: according to the target audience and event objectives, the Med Event team will advise on how best to advertise your event using the different communication opportunities available. For students, the main channel will be the Weekly Student Bulletin and social media. For staff, the Daily Ops mailing list is extremely useful.

Once you have thought through the above points, please get in touch with to provide these details and we will be happy to support you in bringing your event to life.

If you are looking for details regarding upcoming events or are looking for information from previous events, you can find these at the pages below:

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