School Templates

A suite of downloadable Microsoft Office templates adhering to University branding and accessibility guidelines.

Created by the School's Technology Enhanced Learning Team as part of a document rebranding process, this suite of Accessible Document Templates are designed to meet digital content accessibility requirements and reflect the School’s identity. Please download the templates and use them for all School related documents and presentations.

A4 Templates with Guidance



A4 Word Templates



PowerPoint Presentation Templates

2022_SoM_Accessible Template_PRESENTATION NO IMAGES 

2022_SoM_Accessible Template_PRESENTATION WITH IMAGES


The templates also contain guidance on how to use them, but if you any issues please contact the Engagement Team via who will be happy to help. Please note that some areas of the documents may be locked for editing.

Templates are also available to download via the FacMed shared drive. Please visit MBChB > Asset Suite > Templates > 2022-23 > Staff Facing Templates. All staff can be given access to the MBChB folder. If you do not already have access, please contact the School Manager Sarah Baker.

TIP: Save the .dotx and .potx template files to your Custom Office Templates folder (C:\Users\[Your Name]\Documents\Custom Office Templates). You will then be able to Open Word / PowerPoint and select the template you want to use when creating a new document via: File > New > Personal.

If after doing this you cannot see your personal templates, you may need to update your default personal templates location info. Go to File > Options > Save > Add Default personal templates location details (C:\Users\[Your Name]\Documents\Custom Office Templates).

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