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Please explore the videos and presentations we have put together in order to help you explore life as a medical student at Liverpool. We hope to answer your burning questions and guide you through the application process!

NSS Results 2023

Students report positive feedback in the National 2023 Student Survey (link).

Over 4,000 university students took part and results show that The University of Liverpool scored very well compared to 23 other published Russel Group Institutions.

  • 3rd for how well library resources have supported students’ learning.
  • 4th for student voice, which covers our students' ability to provide feedback on their courses, their perception that their ideas are appreciated, and our response to their comments.
  • 5th for the degree to which our courses foster the knowledge and abilities necessary for the future.

Look out for the 2024 NSS results when they are released later in September 2024.


Welcome and Introduction

Welcome to the School of Medicine

Curriculum Overview

What to expect in Years 1-2 of study

What to expect in Years 3-5 of study

More on School resources 

Anatomy Education - HARC Virtual Tour

Overview from the Wellbeing and Support for Studies team

Hear from current students

A student view on Wellbeing and Support Studies

A student view on the curriculum

Life at Liverpool as a Year 2 Student Doctor

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