An outline of the assessment strategy for the course

A) Formative Assessments

Completion of 3 Reflective Practice WIKIs The online classroom in VITAL has a number of WIKIs (individual templates) which allow students to complete a documented reflection relating to 3 specific key areas (Communication, Ethics and Clinical Care). This is to enable reflection on the learning which occurs within the workshops, online activities and the experiences within the clinical placement area and to think about how this applies to practice. The reflections are completed online for peers / moderators to view and comment.

B) Summative Assessments

The summative assessments provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate attainment of the targeted Learning Outcomes and illustrate application to practice.

AT1: Oral presentation (15 minutes) of a case study, highlighting ethical challenges within practice decisions and illustrating the wider principles covered in the module (AT3 case study to be distinct from those discussed in AT1 and AT2); assesses M4. Following the presentation, questions posed by group and/or teaching staff to test overall understanding of subject area.

M6 – 20% AT2: Written case study (4,000 words) illustrating principles covered in the module, applying theory and evidence base to clinical practice: clinical assessment; clinical management and care plans; discus care policy. The students will select a case study from their own practice; assesses M1-4 - 60%

AT3: Written critical reflection (1,500 words) of learning from the module. Student will employ one of the reflective frameworks to illustrate the processes through which the material engaged within the module has prompted learning and potential changes to practice. The focus for this will be agreed with tutors and may range from clinical management, communication, locally policy to self-care; assesses M5 – 20% 

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