This outlines the assessment strategy for the course:

A. Weekly assessments (assessment for learning) will be developed especially on-line to allow students to measure their progress and to respond to feedback.

Assessment for learning is focused on the following opportunities: 
Online Quiz through Canvas. Topics for this module would include: ethical theories, concepts and principles

E-portfolio (Case notes, podcast, blog: Students will create brief case notes/podcast/blog around an ethical issue encountered in their practice (approx. 500 words) by week 8 in which they will assess, propose and justify appropriate ethical decisions.

Workshops: The workshops during the face-to-face component include exercises to review and practice ethical approaches to clinical practice. 

B. The summative assessments for this module will combine critical appraisal (of clinical ethics cases, theories and problems) and critical reflection (on clinical examples): 

The first part of the summative assessment (50%) will be a 3000 word (total) written work consisting of a choice of 2 tasks from the following:

  1. an ethical reflection on your chosen case (1500 words)
  2. an annotated bibliography for your chosen topic (1500 words). View information on annotated bibliographies
  3. a reflexive diary/online blog (1500 words)
  4. an ethics section designed for a grant application (1500 words)

The second part of the summative is a 3000 word case study report (Coursework 50%). This is part of ‘authentic assessment’, mirroring a real-life report exercise.


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