Year 4 Curriculum Overview

What students can expect from Year 4 of our MBChB Programme, at a glance.

Year 4 enables Student Doctors to learn about the clinical specialities, whilst further developing the knowledge and skills that they acquired in Year 3. Student Doctors will spend the majority of their time on clinical placement, in both hospital trusts and community settings.

Year 4 is comprised of eight integrated 4-week clinical placements, each of which is preceded by an Academic Week. Students Doctors are expected to achieve e-portfolio requirements for each placement. Placement learning is supported by formal teaching sessions, which include Case Based Learning (CBL), Clinical Skills, Safe Prescribing, Disability Awareness, Communication for Clinical Practice (CCP) and Community Clinical Teaching (CCT). Student Doctors will also be allocated a named Educational Supervisor for each placements.

Each Academic Week includes integrated online and in person lectures, in addition to workshops, Community Clinical Teaching (CCT) and Pre-placement Primer sessions. These are designed to help Student Doctors to prepare for their upcoming placements.

Students Doctors are also expected to integrate longitudinal curriculum themes e.g. Professionalism, Ethic Legal Context (PELC), Psychology and Sociology of Medicine (PSM), Communication for Clinical Practice (CCP) and Population Perspective and Global Health (PPGH) into their everyday clinical practice.


  • General Practice B
  • Medicine C: Geriatric Medicine, Renal & Rheumatology
  • Medicine D: Palliative Care, Oncology & Haemato-oncology
  • Neurology (including Neurosurgery)
  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology B and Paediatrics B
  • Psychiatry A (including Child & Adolescent Psychiatry)
  • Surgery C: Paediatric Head & Neck (ENT), Adult Head & Neck (OMFS), Ophthalmology and Plastic Surgery
  • Elective (takes place after end of year assessments)


Year 4 Assessment for Progression (AFP) includes an Applied Knowledge test (AKT), Clinical Assessment and satisfactory completing of the clinical E-portfolio. All components need to be completed in order for Student Doctors to Progress to Year 5.

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