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4th March 2024

Experiential Learning

23rd February 2024

Assessment: The Basics

10th January 2024

Technology Enhanced Learning

11th November 2023

Educational Research

27th October 2023

Teaching Techniques

22nd September 2023

Educator Development

13th September 2023

Professionalism, Conduct and Progress

21st July 2023

Myths and Legends of Medical Education

17th May 2023

Enhanced Learning

27th April 2023

Understanding your Learner

5th April 2023

Experiential Learning

10th February 2023

Assessment Basics

11th January 2023

Assessment: The Basics (PDF)

Immersive Technologies

1st December 2022

Educational Research

3rd November 2022

Educator Development

7th September 2022

Conduct, Progress and Professionalism

11th July 2022

Learning Theory

22nd June 2022

Planning for Learning

13th May 2022

Assessment Basics

27th April 2022

Understanding Your Learner

8th April 2022

Generational Change:
Q&A with Dr Paul Redmond


30th March 2022

Experiential Learning

9th February 2022


21st January 2022


10th December 2021

Enhanced Learning

10th November 2021

Education Research

15th October 2021

Educator Development

29th September 2021

Teaching Techniques

17th September 2021

Conduct, Progress and Professionalism - Challenging Cases

July 2021

Dr Mumtaz Patel shares an update on conduct and professionalism from the School of Medicine perspective, and Dr Viktoria Goddard presents on roles and responsibilities within individual case management.

Experiential Learning

June 2021

Dr Isobel Jenkins discusses integrating learning into the workplace and establishing effective learning environments - 'the ideal world', and Mr John Taylor presents on 'the real world' - experiences within the new surgical curriculum.

Planning for Learning

May 2021

Dr Lesley Iwanejko talks about Quality Assurance and how it helps make a good doctor; Dr Victoria Tippett dicusses the principles of learning and teaching; Dr Tippett and Dr David Aziz share case studies on educational planning; Dr Anna Stickland leads a group activity on Learning Outcomes.

Understanding Your Learner

April 2021

Dr Phil Redmond presents on understanding Generation Z and Millenials in the educational landscape; Dr Lesley Iwanejko presents on Student Diversity and Inclusion; Dr Alison Threlfall and Laura Rooke lead the group through positive strategies to improve our students' wellbeing.

Learning Theory

March 2021

Eli Satnan leads a group sessions and presents on Learning Theory; Dr Emma Beddoes presents on the three models of Learning Theory, and James Young also leads a group activity.


February 2021

Workplace Based Assessment

27th January 2021


Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

11 December 2020

Video presentation


Embracing Change — 22 October 2020

Our first online CPD event for FACE.




September 2019

An evening discussing innovative ways of using technologies for learning and teaching. Access slides, recordings and other resources from the event.

Our presenters were:

  1. Dr John Curtis: Simple video production for Medical Education - a demonstration of Explain Everything
  2. MegJussandDanRoberts, SchoolofMedicince TEL team:
    • Tools and techniques for fostering active student participation
    • Simple strategies for creating inclusive learning materials



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